Empties #12 Will I Repurchase?

It's fair to say that because I don't wear make-up every day of the week, I'm finding it hard to finish products up quickly. But on the other hand, skin and body care products are being used up in a matter of seconds! 
Empties #12 Will I Repurchase?
Will Definitely Repurchase!
Beauty Essentials Flare Lashes in Medium Black
I have tiny, straight, stubby lashes which can be a pain when wanting to use mascara as most of them do nothing for my lashes, which is why I like to use individual lashes to give my lashes a much-needed boost. These lashes are extremely inexpensive whilst providing you with three rows worth of lashes; amazing! The only downside to these lashes is that they come with a rubbish adhesive, but, it's nothing a duo lash glue can't fix.

Good Things Spa Manuka Honey Exfoliating Body Scrub

At first, I distinctly remember disliking the scent of this product, however, as I continued to use it I began to enjoy the manuka honey scent as it wasn't too overpowering but sweet at the same time. I adore that it has an even distribution of scrub to the royal jelly and shea butter within the product so that not only did it exfoliate but it left my skin feeling smooth, soft and hydrated. I cannot seem to find this in any shops anymore which is annoying as I would love to purchase this scrub again!

No7 Make Up Brush Cleaner-Post

I purchased this brush cleanser well over a year ago now which shows how great it is at being long-lasting, even if you do need a couple of pumps of the product to be able to do a thorough cleanse of one brush or sponge. This is ideal for those of you who are make-up artists or if you need to spot clean your brushes as it is a quick and simple process. It's reliable and works well which is why I've purchased another one!

Hmm, Maybe!

Dove Heat Defence Spray-Post
Just like any other heat defence spray, it protected my hair from any heat styling damage. However, nowadays I never normally use any heat on my hair as I aspire to keep it as healthy as possible. Regardless of this, it's a good spray to use and it lasted me ages.

Not For Me!

Monu Micro Exfoliant
This exfoliator is very unique to others on the market because it has papaya enzymes which remove the dead skin from your face and neck, whilst stimulating the renewal process. This made my skin feel soft, however, when I was using the product it didn't feel as if it was doing anything because the exfoliant was so micro. I wouldn't purchase this again as it is fairly expensive for what it is and I didn't notice that much of a difference before and after I used it.

Savers Egg Shaped Lip Balm 

This lip balm is in the flavour bubblegum and I'm in love with the scent. The lip balm itself isn't very hydrating as it has quite a thick formula, this can become quite sticky on the lips if you build up the layers. However, I continued to use it because it smelt amazing and I got used to the consistency, I probably wouldn't recommend it, though. 
Empties #12 Will I Repurchase?
Imperial Leather Refreshing Apple and Pear Shower Gel
When I was searching for a link as to where you can purchase this shower gel I was rather relieved that I couldn't find it being sold anywhere anymore. I was extremely disappointed when I went to use this as I normally love Imperial Leather's scents, especially their shower gels and creams, however, this one smelt horrific. It smelt very chemically and fake, this may be because the colour was green, but it wasn't pleasant at all. Nonetheless, it lathered well but I wouldn't go near this one again.

Patisserie de Bain Cranberry&Cream Bath and Shower Crème
I'm pretty sure I got this in a set when I spent over a certain amount at Superdrug, so it was a free gift. If I'm perfectly honest, I wouldn't want to spend any more money on it since I've tried and used it as I wasn't impressed. I was sceptical about the scent and after various times using the product I have figured out that it smells of the scented gel pens that you used to get when you were a kid. Not a lovely fresh scent. It also doesn't lather up very well which concludes as to why I wouldn't purchase this.

Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Shower Gel-Post

I'm someone who loves a good, fruity or sweet-scented product but this one is the complete opposite to that. It's a very herbal, fresh scent, it sort of reminds me of swimming pools... However, it lathers well, creating an array of bubbles, whilst the scent lingered once I was out of the shower. I wouldn't repurchase this anytime soon as there are many other scents from the body shop that I prefer! 

Professional Nail Care Finishing Touch Top Coat-Post

I've had this top coat for what feels like a lifetime. It's great at sealing the polish whilst keeping a sheen on the nail polish. When I use this top coat I find that I am chip-free for up three days before and wear shows. This one isn't available anymore, which is why I'm going to explore other brands base and top coats. 

It shows, by the fact that half of the products I mention in my empties posts aren't available anymore, just how long it takes me to finish them! What products have you used up recently?
 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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