Revisiting Old, Loved Products

We all have those phases where we use a product every day straight for a good couple of months but, then neglect it after a new and exciting product comes onto the scene. There are so many products I adore but never seem to pick up anymore, therefore, I'm revisiting my love for them.
Revisiting Old, Loved Products
NYX High Definition Blush in Taupe £5.50
The word spread that this blush was the ideal contour shade for paler girls, aka me, I couldn't resist. Although I don't use it as a blush, the effects you gain from using it as a contouring product is incredible. Due to the cool toned, slightly grey colour to this taupe blush, it makes chiselling out your cheek bones look like a work of art, creating the perfect shadow.

W7 Candy Blush in Galactic*-Post £5.95

This used to be my everyday blush until I broke the packaging, from overuse, now it doesn't shut properly, so I always think I'm going to smash it when travelling with it. Getting over the fear of damaging the product and this blush is actually a pretty, peachy rose colour that has hints of coral in. It's buildable but for me, I like a subtle pop of colour on the cheeks so it is ideal for giving me that healthy colour. 

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Cream Gel Eyeshadow in Creamy Beige £4.99

Dupe for MAC paint pots did you say? I'm on it! This is such a beautiful, brown-beige which has a subtle shimmer going throughout the base. It works wonderfully for packing shadows on top, however, as time goes on the product can become slightly dry meaning it gets harder to blend out the edges, but a little bit of fix+ and it's like brand new.
Revisiting Old, Loved Products, NYX Blush and W7 Blush Swatches
Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara £4.99
There was a point in time where I felt there wasn't a need to set my eyebrows in place, oh how I was wrong! I underestimated how much this brow mascara did for my brows. Even though it's under a fiver this little tub is a miracle worker. It combs through the brows, adding a tint of colour to them, without making them look clumpy and they hold the brows in place throughout the whole day. 

Avon MakeUp Setting Spray-Post £7.39

If I want my make-up to last all day I will no doubt spritz this all over my face as it works wonders at keeping my make-up fresh and looked on throughout the duration of the day. Some mists make your face feel like a puddle after you've sprayed them however, this spreads a lovely, even mist over the skin covering the whole surface area. A must have! 

The Body Shop Mango Hand Cream-Post £4.00

I mentioned this hand cream in my top 10 2016 favourites which proves the love I have for this hand cream. Since I stopped using it my hands felt so dry and the skin around my nails began to flake but now I've been applying this a couple of times throughout the day my skin and hands feel healthy, hydrating and soft, as well as smelling heavenly. 

Victorias Secret Coconut Passion Fragrance Mist-Post £16.36

Victoria Secret sprays are on the more luxury side of the beauty industry so I tend to use their mists on special occasions, to make them last longer. But, I have been using this on a regular occasion and I cannot help but spritz myself over and over because of the wonderful scent, not only this but it lasts a couple of hours before the scent wears off which is brilliant for a mist. The mist smells of holidays and as the name would suggest coconuts! 

Does this remind you of any products that you haven't used lately but still love regardless?
 Thanks for reading.

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