A Multipurpose Rose Gold Palette

It's not everyday that you come across a palette as mesmerising and beautiful and this one by Make-Up Revolution. Retailed as a blush palette, it contains eight shades which can also be used as highlights or even eyeshadows, which is my personal favourite!
Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar 2 Ultra Blush Palette Review
I don't understand how I never discovered this palette sooner as it has my name written all over it, it is the Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar 2 Ultra Blush Palette. The shimmers within this palette are what attracts me to it, they aren't extremely chunky and they reflect off the light beautifully, which makes them ideal for using as an eyeshadow as they are extremely pigmented too. Not only this but they blend seamlessly without losing the impact of colour.

Along the top row of the palette, there is a dusty mauve, a pale rose gold, champagne gold and a warm-toned matte brown. Whereas on the bottom line there is a bright shimmery peach, taffy pink, gorgeous copper which is my favourite and a pale nude with orange tones.

Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar 2 Ultra Blush Palette Review and Swatches
As you can tell, some of these shades would make exquisite eyeshadows as well as highlights which proves how this palette is an all-rounder, brilliant for travelling. This palette retails for £6.00 which is a steal, if the swatches haven't won you over I don't know what will! This palette is a must-have; it is lovely.

Has this palette grabbed your heartstrings? Have you seen a palette as dazzling and inexpensive as this?
 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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