Bloggers You Need To Check Out!

Being a blogger means I spend half my time writing, editing and taking photos for my own blog whilst the rest is spent reading other people's blogs. I read a handful of blog posts every week but, there are always a distinct set of bloggers that I follow where I will religiously read all of their posts without thinking twice about it.
Bloggers You Need To Check Out
I generally tend to read more beauty blogs than any other niche but it's definitely personal preference as to what you will like and this can come down to the blogger, their photos, their content, their personality and so much more. However, these girlies below I'd never say a word about as I just adore them and their blogs.

Danielle's Beauty Blog by Danielle

Danielle has one of those blogs that deserves way more followers than what she actually has. She produces amazing content whilst her photos are always simple yet so sophisticated and work wonderfully with her theme. I love that she writes about drugstore and high-end products meaning her blog caters for so many people. My favourite posts of hers have to be her empties, she always manages to feature a lovely selection of products whilst giving a quick justification as to why she will or won't repurchase them.
Bloggers You Need To Check Out-Danielle's Beauty Blog
Jasmine Talks Beauty by Jasmine
Jasmine is always first to mention about a new popular product on the market amongst some cult favourites, lesser-known products and classics we've all heard of and tried before. Her reviews are short and sweet but packed full of detail whilst providing beautiful photos and swatches to go alongside her content. My favourite posts of hers are when she mentions heap loads of products within one post as they are jam packed with insightful information!
Bloggers You Need To Check Out-Jasmine Talk's Beauty
Make Erin Over by Erin
Being a mum, having a full-time job whilst running a blog, this girl does it all! Although her posts aren't six pages long, she does include a lot of information within her posts which means I can read one of her posts when I've got five minutes before I go to work yet still enjoy it. My favourite posts of hers have to be her relatable ones where she speaks what's on her mind and I can sit there and agree and nod my head to everything!
Bloggers You Need To Check Out-Make Erin Over
Umm Baby Beauty by Sal
Ever since I discovered Sal's blog I've been hooked. She explores such a wide range of brands and products leaving me with a humongous list of items I've never heard of before but gagging to buy. Not to mention the fact that she has gotten me onto the sheet mask hype, I can't stop buying them! Her in-depth reviews are priceless and her personality always shines through. My favourite posts of hers have to be her makeup collections series, you are always left wanting more!
Bloggers You Need To Check Out-Umm Baby Beauty
So if it suddenly dawns on you that you haven't looked at these bloggers and their blogs before, then I would definitely recommend that you click on their links asap! Have you heard of these bloggers before? Who would you recommend to me to read? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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