My MAC Lipstick Collection

Let's be honest here. I kind of feel slightly ashamed for not purchasing a MAC lipstick sooner than 2017. Everyone seems to love them, the formulas, humongous shade range and the colour pay off but I never delved into their lipsticks until now and it's fair to say I adore them.
My MAC Lipstick Collection
At £16.50 a lipstick, MAC have hundreds of different styles and colours to suit everyone from yellows to blues and their famous nudes you can find yourself searching for the right one for hours upon end. Their lipsticks are formulated to showcase off your lips no matter what shade or texture.

I have only got four in my collection so far but, these four I have been using none stop, alternating between them all throughout the week, I do have my favourites though. Shout out if you notice a theme going on here...

My MAC Lipstick Collection
Honey Love
This one is one of the ones which I reach for least, due to its light caramel tone against my complexion, it can make me look a little washed out which isn't my favourite look I must say. Although it can show quite light on my skin, it is a beautiful beige lipstick which provides a matte finish.


Angel is definitely one I reach for when I want a pretty pink lipstick which can suit with any makeup look. On the lips, it is a lovely soft, pale pink shade with shimmer which runs throughout. This is one of MAC's frost finishes.


Out of all of the finishes that I have, I have to say that satin has to be my favourite by far. It's the most comfortable on the lips, lasts the longest and just has a generally nice finish. Brave is a beautiful nude with a pinky mauve undertone.


Twig and Brave are very comparable in the sense that they both have a satin finish, they're both nudes with traces of pink within them. However, twig is a gorgeous muted warm brown which works wonderfully with a variety of makeup looks and we all need a good nude in our collection!  
My MAC Lipstick Collection including Swatches
Since I've got these four in my collection I find myself browsing at a MAC counter more and more often as I really want to expand my range, mainly with more of their nude shades. Although I won't be purchasing any in the next couple of months, I do have a few that are making their way onto my wishlist. What is your favourite MAC lipstick? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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