The Candle With A Surprise

In the blogging community, candles seem to be one of those things that everyone loves, owns and treasures, especially if they're using one as a prop in a photo! But, when I found out that there are candles out there that not only burn and give off a scent but with that hidden extra, I was amazed.
Jewel Candle Candy Floss Candle Review
Jewel Candle are an affordable brand which allows you to have the pleasure of burning a beautifully scented candle with a hidden surprise inside. Each one of their candles is handmade and burns for around 90-125 hours, however, you only need to burn the candle for 10-15 to reveal your surprise!

Inside each candle is a gorgeous piece of jewellery, from earrings to rings, pendants and bracelets there is something for everyone. Although you cannot choose the exact pair of earrings you receive in your candle, you can choose the type of jewellery you would like inside. Each piece of jewellery is wrapped in heat-resistant foil meaning that no wax or heat can damage the jewellery when it's waiting to be revealed. The jewellery you get inside the candle is all made to the highest of quality whilst being nickel-free, the materials they use are 925 Sterling Silver and stones of Zirconia which are also called Swarovski Crystals which is very luxurious!

Jewel Candle Candy Floss Candle Review
The candle I picked out was this sweet candy floss candle* which is part of their classic earrings range. It was an easy choice for me as I don't tend to wear any jewellery apart from earrings plus, I couldn't resist picking something sweet smelling. The candle itself comes with a lovely white ribbon around the top which attached contains a small, handy booklet containing instructions and basic information about the company and candle. Meanwhile, the waxy candle is a pretty pink colour which is situated in a luxurious glass jar ready to be burned. The candyfloss name doesn't match exactly with the scent of the candle, nonetheless, it still smells amazingly sweet and has a slight cinnamon tinge to it which is nice.

As I continued to burn the candle the heat-resistant silver packaging became clear within the liquid wax so I immediately blew out the candle and got my tweezers at the ready to pick out the packaging. I had a piece of tissue nearby so that I could wipe any remaining wax from the packaging onto the tissue so it would be easier to unravel. As I continued to unwrap the tiny package another little-closed bag appeared which shows the safety and care they put into making sure the jewellery is safe! I opened the see through bag and a beautiful pair of fuchsia earrings appeared. They are in a diamond shape with small gems around one side with the fuchsia stone in the centre. Gorgeous!

Jewel Candle Candy Floss Candle Earrings
Jewel Candle Candy Floss Candle Earrings
When you have revealed your jewellery you can go onto their website and use their worth of my jewel section to gauge an understanding of how much your jewellery is. On your jewellery, there is a long code which you can type in and the total will be on the screen, each unique code has a different result. All of their jewellery is worth up to £250 which is incredible value for money and mine came to a grand total of £25 which I'm still amazed at considering the candle costs less than that!

Overall I'm so pleased with my candle and the earrings inside. These would make such an amazing gift for someone, or for yourself! What do you think of these candles are they better than just a normal one?
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