Empties #14 Will I Repurchase?

Every empties post I write I find myself constantly mentioning that I haven't finished many makeup products up and guess what? This empties is no different because it is full of body and skincare products with the odd brow product.
Empties #14 Will I Repurchase?
Will Definitely Repurchase!
Boots Essentials Cucumber Wipes 25 Pack
This seems like such a boring empty but honestly, they have been one of the best things since sliced bread. I used to spend ages scrubbing my arms to get swatches off, for photos, but now I use a wipe and it's off within seconds, liquid lipsticks and eyeshadows it's a time saver. I don't know why I never thought of this sooner!

Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask

I'm slowly but surely getting onboard with the sheet mask hype which has been happening for a while now and I couldn't not pick one up after Sal mentioned them and it was on offer! I have to say I'm pleasantly impressed, it smells really nice when on the face and I adore the fact that you can massage in the remaining serum to help hydrate even further, making the skin feel plump and look radiant. The only thing which bugs me about this mask is that it's kind of pricey considering you only get one sheet, but that doesn't mean it won't stop me heading to the shops to pick one up right now!

Nugg Hydrating Face Mask

Another mask, can you see what I've been focused on recently? Now I hadn't heard much about this hydrating mask before but once again I thoroughly enjoyed using it. Although it is a very small capsule, I can get around four-five masks out of this petite pot which is surprising yet amazing!  It smells of chamomile which is a very calming scent which is what you want for a face mask, I find that it revives all of my dry patches which I get on my forehead but I couldn't say I found it as hydrating as the Garnier one. Either way, I still love it as it does the job.

Benefit Gimme Brow-post

I have only gotten through the mini version of this product but I have loved every single bit of it. It is a staple for keeping my brows groomed and in place throughout the whole day as well as adding extra micro-fibres to create a fuller brow look. That fact that the full size costs £20 is making me want to cry a little bit but you've got to do, what you've got to do.

Percy and Reed Smooth Sealed and Sensational Volumising No Oil Oil-post

This made such an impact in my hair care routine as I hadn't previously used an oil in my hair, but, since using this my hair has been transformed. What I like about this oil is that, like the name suggests, it's a product that doesn't feel greasy as it's water based but it does the same job as an oil. You literally need the tiniest of drops to run through your hair and it'll make it voluminous and silky smooth to touch.

Macadamia Oil Extract Hair Mask-post

I cannot rave and recommend this hair mask enough to you; it's spectacular! It's a wonderful mask which is enriched with proteins, keratin and oils to help strengthen, protect and nourish your hair. Due to the oil within the mask, my hair feels luxuriously smooth and hydrated after I've used it, helping to keep split ends at bay. But, that's not the best bit. It's only £1.00! I stock up on mine in Savers in the UK but you can also buy from the website I've linked, go and get yours now!
Empties #14 Will I Repurchase?
Hmm, Maybe!
The Body Shop Frosted Berries Exfoliating Sugar Body Scrub&Shower Gel
It's a shame that the frosted berry range is Christmas only as the scent is to die for. It took me a lifetime to pinpoint exactly what it smelt of but I've got it now, Activia red fruits yoghurt mix. Besides from the gorgeous scent, the exfoliator is incredible, I've never owned one as good as this. It is quite harsh on the skin so if you have sensitive skin I'd advise you to stay away but, for pre-tanning and general exfoliation it removes every last dead skin cell on the body! As for the shower gel, it lathered really well, creating tonnes of bubbles which is a must have for me, plus the scent lingered after I exited the shower which is always a good thing.
Empties #14 Will I Repurchase?
Not For Me!
Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream
The fact that Benefit call this a 'total moisturise facial cream' makes me so annoyed as it's the complete opposite, it doesn't moisturise at all! Even though I finished the whole product up, by forcing my family to use some too, I would not recommend this to anyone. It's a thick silicone like moisturiser which doesn't sink into the skin, it leaves it feeling extremely greasy and it smells of suncream mixed with fairy liquid, not nice.To make it even worse, the container the product comes in makes it hard to reach all of the product, meaning I had to use a cotton bud to scrape out the product which was at the bottom. I think this is one of the first products that I haven't got along with by Benefit.

The Body Shop Coconut Shower Cream

I've not always been a fan of the coconut scent and since using this shower cream it has put me off it even more. To add to the distinctive scent, this shower cream doesn't lather up as well as I'd like it too, probably because it is a cream and not a gel but still...I'm not impressed.

Happy Naturals Argan Oil Body Butter

I try out so many different body butters and this one is one of those that has no impact whatsoever on me. It's one of those that isn't amazing but isn't totally horrific, which means there's a high chance that I'll never think or glance at this product ever again in my lifetime. Besides that, it was ok, took a while to absorb because it has a quite a thick formula but the scent reminds me of going abroad which is memorable.

Victoria's Secret Bombshell Shimmer Lotion

This body lotion was a chore to get through. It has their famous bombshell scent which is sexy and luxurious however the lotion itself isn't my favourite. Due to the high quantity of shimmery gold flecks inside the lotion, it makes me look like a disco ball, it's not just about the quantity, the flecks as I like to call them are so chunky! Not only do I look gold all over the lotion doesn't absorb very quickly either.
Empties #14 Will I Repurchase?
It has been an even mixture of empties this time round which has made me quite happy as I've finished up products that I've never tried before but now love and vice versa. I hope you enjoy empties as much as me. Have you finished any products up recently or have you tried any of these? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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