Favourite Way To Apply Foundation

If you asked me what my favourite technique to apply my foundation was last year, my answer would be completely different as to what I'm going to be telling you today. The entire application process has changed and it baffles me looking back to what I used to do and use.
Favourite Way To Apply Foundation
Don't get me wrong, I'm a little late to the scene, maybe a couple of years late, but nonetheless, the beauty blender has made a big impact in my foundation routine, alongside another brush.

No.7 Beautifully Matte Foundation £14.50

Recently, I've been loving using this foundation, it's the only one I've been reaching for. It's a lovely medium to full coverage foundation which lasts for the duration of the day. I like to squirt a couple of pumps of this, directly onto my face, in an even manner to achieve the perfect base created by the two tools.

Real Technique's Bold Metals 101 Triangle Foundation Brush £22.00

I never used to be fond of this brush as I was a lover of the buffing technique, however, I like to use this brush by using swiping movements so that I can create an even layer of foundation on my skin. Due to the flat edge of this brush, it allows me to get a smooth application when I'm distributing the foundation around my face.

The Original Beauty Blender Sponge £16.00

Once I'm looking like I've dunked my face in a bowl of foundation I like to use my beauty blender damp. I never understood the hype behind the beauty blender, considering I used to own the knockoff ones you could buy from China as well as the Real Technique's complexion sponge I'm a changed woman. It's incredible! I like to dab the sponge on my skin, this allows the sponge to absorb any excess foundation as well as being able to press the foundation into my skin instead of it just sitting there; it creates a more natural finish.

Although it isn't a lot I find these two tools work perfectly hand in hand with this foundation to create the perfect, flawless base we all aspire to have. What do you use to apply your foundation? Have you tried any of these?
 Thanks for reading.

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