First Impressions: Miss Sporty Really Me Second Skin Effect Foundation

Ever since I saw this foundation come out I've been eager to get my hands on it. I've never tried a stick foundation before but I have always been intrigued by the ones that brands have produced, Makeup Forever, Hourglass as well as Iconic London.
Miss Sporty Really Me Second Skin Effect Foundation Review
A £3.99 foundation is worth a try, regardless as to whether it is going to be better than the high-end ones, worse or mediocre, I mean it's less than a fiver, what could go wrong?


First off I have to mention the packaging and design, I think it is adorable! With its pale pink and white colour theme, polka dots and lace detailing this is mainly targeted towards teenagers, young male and females looking for that drugstore affordable option. It's definitely one of those products which have cute, ditzy and girly packaging, perfect for photos or looking good on the desk.
Miss Sporty Really Me Second Skin Effect Foundation Review
As for the shade range, this is where I feel the product starts to become a little less appealing to everyone. With a huge range of only four colours to pick from, I'm pretty sure there is a large majority of people that won't be able to match themselves to one of the foundations. I mean, four, only four, you'd think that with stick foundations being quite popular they'd add a few colours into the mix. I picked out the lightest shade, Really Ivory 01 and it's fair to say it's too dark and orange for me.

Not only is the shade a little off on me, the formula I'm not too keen on either. As you first apply this to your face you begin to notice it tugging and dragging your skin as you move the stick across your face, slightly uncomfortable not going to lie. It's not particularly creamy which makes it even harder to blend out, leaving you with quite a patchy complexion if you don't blend it quickly. It feels fairly greasy on the skin meaning it is tacky to touch and can slide and move around if you rest your hand on your chin or have an itch on your face.

Miss Sporty Really Me Second Skin Effect Foundation Review
Coverage&Lasting Power
This foundation claims to be a natural, skin-like foundation whilst being breathable and blendable on the skin. I would agree that this is a light to medium foundation as it doesn't cover very much. However, I find that it clings to the drier areas on my face creating small build ups of foundation which isn't very attractive. As for the longevity of how it wore, I found that around the four-hour mark my foundation was disappearing, become patchy and had oxidised a lot. I was already a light shade of orange but I had turned more into a bad fake tan orange. Not pretty at all.
Miss Sporty Really Me Second Skin Effect Foundation Swatch and Review
Overall Thoughts
I have to be honest and say that I am not a fan of this foundation, forgetting the fact that I only paid £3.99 I still wouldn't recommend it to anyone who's on a budget, there are better foundations out there for around a similar price. It can work if you are using a lighter concealer but that doesn't make up for the formula, coverage, oxidisation not to mention the way it looks on the skin. I am disappointed that this foundation didn't live up to my high hopes and expectations but, there are always others out there that I can give a go.

What do you think of this foundation? Have you tried it before or will you be picking it up despite this review?
 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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