My Top Picks From NYX

NYX is a brand that I'm slowly but surely falling in love with. After the humongous hype that followed them when they hit the UK, I tried a few pieces but didn't find anything life changing, however, I have begun to find some real gems in and amongst their stand.
NYX Cosmetics Review
NYX offer an array of beauty items from makeup to tools such as brushes, blotting paper and eyelashes all at an affordable price point which makes it ever more appealing.

NYX Lingerie Eye Tint in White Lace Romance £6.00

This eye tint has mousy like texture which is brilliant for on the eyes as it doesn't cause any irritation whatsoever. I really enjoy using this eye tint in white lace romance as it's a pretty silvery white shade that is ideal for creating a halo and cut crease eye look as well as looking sparkling in the inner corner. They have so many other shades that I want to try out but this is a must have for those of you who wear eyeshadow all of the time.

NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette in Warm Neutrals £16.00

I had heard good things and bad things about this palette before I bought it and for £16.00 this is one of their pricier makeup products so you want to be 100% if you're going to buy it. There are a beautiful selection of warm mattes and shimmers within this palette which means you are able to create a variety of looks just with this one palette alone which is great for travelling. The shadows themselves are super soft to touch which does give a tiny bit of kick up, nothing massive though but it also means they are really easy to blend. The only thing that is missing in this palette is a jet black but other than that it's wonderful!
NYX Cosmetics Review
NYX Vivid Brights Eyeliners-Review £5.50
My love for these eyeliners is ridiculously strong, I adore them. I have mentioned them in a previous post, however, they are great for adding a pop of colour to a natural look or if you are going to a festival or a party they are brilliant for letting your creativity loose. They last all day and they are extremely easy to draw on the lid so if you aren't very good at liner then try these.

NYX Mechanical Lip Pencil in Nude £6.00

This lip liner is my go to lip liner of all time. I didn't realise how much I loved retractable lip liners until I tried this one. It is the ultimate shade for pairing with every kind of nude which makes it ideal. Once on the lips, it is really creamy, easy to work with and it lasts for a fairly long time. Not only that but it can be used by itself as an all over colour or in conjunction with a lipstick.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cannes-Review £6.00

These lip creams have been talked about, adored, loved, cherished all the good things you can think of in the beauty and blogging industry. So I finally picked this shade up as it is beautiful and it works perfectly alongside the nude lip liner as well. It's really comfortable on the lips, applies nicely whilst looking and feeling creamy on the lips. It does need topping up throughout the day if you're eating and drinking but it's such an easy lip option to throw on which makes it so loveable as it isn't drying at all.
NYX Cosmetics Swatches
I haven't actually ventured into their base products yet except a concealer and a blush of theirs which I wasn't too impressed with (I have mentioned them on my blog before)! So if you have any recommendations on their base products or products/tools from them in general that you love be sure to let me know! Thanks for reading.

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