New In My Collection / Beauty Haul

It actually feels like a lifetime since I spent a chunk of money on makeup products, I mean let's be honest it's probably been a couple of weeks, even less than that, and I've tried to ignore it.
New In My Collection / Beauty Haul Featuring Urban Decay, Bioessence, Freedom
However, since I've been doing my project pan, because I've been so dedicated to using those products up I've felt a bit bored, shall I say, therefore I've needed some beauty products to get me back excited and refreshed.

Freedom Studio Priming Water £6.00

I've heard so many people talking about this priming water that I couldn't not get it, I feel like I'm the last person to try it out, even though it was a little bit more expensive than I first anticipated. The mist is nice but it can be a bit spitty if you hold it too close to your face meaning your face drowns in spots of the solution which isn't great. However, this priming water does have a fruity like scent to it which is strong at first but it goes away quickly which some may not like. When sprayed onto my face I find that it leaves my skin looking quite dewy and luminous as well as feeling tacky which is a positive for applying makeup on top of.

The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Darkening Drops £10.00

My decision to pick this up was down to the fact that I only ever have two foundations in my collection at one time, that match my pale complexion. Therefore, on the days where my body is darker than my face or I have a slight bronziness going on then my normal foundation looks silly as I have to use a ridiculous amount of bronzer to cover it up. However, after trying these drops out on a couple of occasions and having to wipe my makeup straight off I need your help on how to make these work. I've noticed that you need less than one drop but I still look ashy and have a grey tone to me which doesn't look appealing in the slightest! On a positive note, this bottle will last you a lifetime because you need hardly any of the product.

I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts in Peachy Pink Kiss and I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts in Hot Summer Of Love £4.99

I've been eyeing up the blushing hearts range for quite a while now and because they aren't sold in my local Superdrug I find it really hard to get my hands on them, so when I had the chance I bit the bullet and got two. The packaging is a lot larger than I originally thought which can be a pain to store as well as travel with due to the cardboard top not being secure onto the bottom. These hearts are both triple baked meaning there are three shades within one heart meaning you get a variety of choice as to whether you want to swirl them all together or use them separately.

Peachy pink kiss is a blusher that either works best as a blush topper or a highlighter. Personally, I love to use it as a highlight as it's the perfect pale, pearly pinky shade to use on my complexion. It's quite shimmery and I don't tend to wear a shimmery blush but it would look quite dainty as a topper.

Whereas hot summer in love is a shimmery bronzer. At first, I picked this one up to be a highlighter for when I've got a bit of a tan but I just love using this all over as a shimmer to bronze up the skin and add that glow. This bronzer is very shimmery, there's no doubt about that, but at the same time there is no chunky glitter in it and it also blends like a dream.

New In My Collection / Beauty Haul Swatches
Urban-Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil Bought for £9.99, Sold individually for £15.00
When I saw this pack of three liners in TkMaxx I had to pick them up, it seemed like a total bargain, even though each one of these liners is a mini. The trio comes with a grey, brown and a blue which is a good variety to have as although they may look similar, on the eye once you've got the full works on, you can definitely tell a difference. As the name suggests, these pencils glide seamlessly onto the eye, no tugging or scratching feeling, as they are lovely and creamy.

Coloured Raine Matte Liquid Paint in Classy £15.00

I feel like when Coloured Raine first launched in the UK on Beauty Bay there was this huge hype around the brand and their products but nowadays I don't hear a thing. I was quite excited by their liquid paints aka their liquid lipsticks as I've heard good reviews, however, when I first applied them to my lips I could smell this unruly scent which lingered throughout the duration of the day. You also need the tiniest amount of product when applying it. The shade classy is a cool toned mauve on the lips unlike in the bullet it's a more of a pinky nude. As for the formula, I've noticed that it doesn't fully dry down matte, it looks semi-matte but it has a tendency to be sticky if you put your lips together which is a bit uncomfortable.

Bio Essence 24K Gold Miracle Finisher* £29.99

This product is very unique, there is nothing quite like it on the market at the moment. This miracle finisher claims to seal in prior skincare, shield the skin from harmful free radicals, protect your complexion from bad makeup and pollutants as well as give off a matte finish for flawless skin. Not only that but if used for a substantial amount of time you'll notice a help in fading fine lines and wrinkles alongside healthy and radiant skin. 

I've been testing this out for a good month now and overall I'm impressed! It has a lovely creamy consistency which feels refreshing on the skin and you can feel it acting as a sort of base/protection for your face after moisturiser. If you are worried about the matte finish it leaves, don't be, as it doesn't dehydrate your skin at all as it's so lightweight. I adore using this as a day to day step in my skincare and makeup routine as it gives your complexion a really smooth canvas to work on top of. I find that the lines I have on my forehead instantly blur and fade which is a great confidence booster. I also find that it doesn't change the way you apply your makeup, if anything it enhances the longevity of it!

Natural Sense Vitamin E Deodorant £1.00

You know when you find a product and it intrigues you too much so you purchase it? Well, that's what happened with this one with me. It was reduced to £1 in the clearance section in Tkmaxx and because it is in a liquid format I just couldn't wrap my head around as to how this would work as a deodorant. It has a pleasant, fresh aloe vera scent when you are spraying it. I tend to only use it at home as a top up throughout the day as I'd find it a tad weird taking this to work as it is much easier to use a spray.

Technic Brush Cleaner*

I've tried so many different ways to clean my brushes but this one is by far the most economical and quickest option. It's a solid cleaner which has a light, subtle cucumber fragrance to it, it doesn't leave your brushes coated in the scent. Due to it being a solid cleaner, all you have to do is add water then you are ready. I like to dampen my brushes first, swirl the brush in the cleanser which removes all of the makeup, dirt and grime which are in your brushes then you rinse them with water and the brushes look as good as new. I've got brushes with stains that never can be removed with baby shampoo or a non-scented soap, however, this removes stains within seconds. Not only does it make the brushes sparkling clean, it doesn't affect the bristles of the brush either as they stay soft. It's like magic!
New In My Collection / Beauty Haul Featuring Urban Decay, Bioessence, Freedom
So, those are all of the beauty products which are new in my collection. Have you tried any of these before? What have you recently added to your collection? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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