The Things No One Tells You About Washing Brushes

Washing your brushes is something that is kind of named as a chore in the beauty industry with only a minor few finding it either enjoyable or just something that doesn't phase them in the slightest. However, there are some things that people don't tell you when you first go to wash your brushes for the first couple of times.
The Things No One Tells You About Washing Brushes
Did I Really Just Spend An Hour and A Half Doing That?
Regardless as to whether you own 10 or 100 brushes, it takes a hefty amount of time to clean them, properly that is. You find yourself having to book yourself out a slot within the day, preferably a good hour or so so that you aren't running late for anything that you have on later.

It's Not The Prettiest Of Sights In The Sink!

It's all well and good making sure that the brushes are clean but in the process, you see all sorts. From the orange waterfall that flows in the sink to the odd small black dot which you dread to think what it might have been living in your brush. A dead spider, an ant maybe a bit of poo? Who knows! 

Not Being Able To Use Your Brushes For 12 Hours
So you've washed your brushes, they look basically like they are brand new and you feel like you have your life together. This is until you realise that you need to use your brushes for one reason or another, jokes on you! You then find yourself strategically timing when you're going to wash your brushes next week so that it doesn't interrupt your hectic lifestyle.

No One Likes The Look Of Wrinkly Hands!
The tap has been running for half an hour, most probably an hour by now, and you've been swirling your brush aimlessly for what feels like a lifetime. This is until you look down at your hands to notice the gammy wrinkles that are your fingers. Not cute!

Well, the truths out now! Have you noticed any of these things happen to you before? What do you think no one tells you about washing brushes?
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