Empties #17 Will I Repurchase?

In this past month or two, there have been so many things happening in my life, good and bad, but one thing for certain that hasn't changed is finishing up products! It turns out I've been through my fair share of body butters, washes and skincare products this time around with one makeup item that I am extremely pleased about.
Will Definitely Repurchase!
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lip Balm
I think this is one of the first lip balms I have ever finished in my whole entire life! This butter balm is really lovely and creamy and when applied on the lips it instantly hydrates them due to the smooth buttery consistency. The scent is also quite pleasant and it lasts a long time. I would definitely pick this up again, especially when it's on offer.

Holika Holika Aloe Juicy Sheet Mask

I was a tad sceptical as to whether this would have an unbearable aloe scent to it but it's very subtle and has a slight cucumber aroma to it as well which is lovely and fresh. When I was removing the sheet mask I noticed that there was a lack of excess sebum to massage in which I was quite let down by but that doesn't determine my overall thoughts! My face felt exceptionally cold afterwards which is the cooling effect of the mask that helps to reduce redness which is exactly what had happened. As well as this is made my skin feel really hydrated and smooth.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Face Mist-Review

This stuff is the bee's knees. I didn't think I'd love it as much as I do, it's incredible. I have no idea what I did without it before. I adore using this throughout the day as a pick me up if I have cakey, dull and dry makeup as a refresher and also on no makeup days as an instant blast of hydration. My skin feels rejuvenated and hydrated when using this. I need to get a new one asap.

The Body Shop Frosted Berries Body Butter

Unfortunately, frosted cranberries is a range that is only available at Christmas time, therefore, it isn't currently being sold in shops. However, when the time comes around I am definitely going to be picking up a couple of these as they smells divine. I love to smother myself in this and I often tend to use far too much, which is my own fault, but it does sink in fairly quickly considering it is a thick yet hydrating butter.
Empties #17, Will I Repurchase?
Hmm, Maybe!
The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil-Review
This cleansing oil is one of my favourite products to remove my makeup as it melts my makeup off, not only my base but it does a great job at removing mascara as well. I prefer to use this on top of my makeup, massage with circular motions then I use a flannel and warm water to remove the products, then I follow with my skincare routine. It is a brilliant cleansing oil the only issue I have is with the packaging as it leaks which is a nightmare for storing it and I wouldn't even dare take it travelling as my whole case would be covered in oil!

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream-Review

I've been on the hunt for a good moisturising cream for absolutely ages and this one is definitely one of the better ones I've tried. It's a thin, lightweight yet hydrating cream that lasts for a couple of hours throughout the day. I do find that it moisturises the dry patches which I can get on my forehead however, I want a moisturising cream where the hydration lasts longer throughout the day which is my only downside of this cream.

Avon True Colour Glimmerstick Eyeliner-Review

Now, this is a product that I'm so proud of finishing, beyond proud! If you didn't know already, this product was in my project pan that I started a few months ago, and now I have finally used it all up. I would purchase another one of these glimmerstick eyeliners just not this pink shade as I fairly enjoyed using it on a day to day basis.

Boots Extracts Vanilla Body Butter

This body butter lasted me a lifetime, months upon end which is great as you definitely get your money's worth here. Not only that, but the scent is sublime, I adore anything vanilla scented so this puts the cherry on the top of the cake for me. It does take a while to absorb in but it's worth it for the soothing hydration and scent. I will be purchasing it again, however, at the moment I've got a backlog of other body butters/lotions that I need to finish first, but I definitely will in the future.

The Body Shop Mango Softening Whipped Lotion

This whipped lotion smells delicious, somewhat identical to mangos which is very pleasing. What I love most about this lotion is the fact that it's a banana sweet like colour, don't ask me why I like this I just do. Although this is called a softening whipped lotion I'm unsure as to what the difference is between this and some of their other lotions but, this is a light lotion which takes a couple of minutes to sink into the skin. I would repurchase this when they have their sales and special offers.
Empties #17, Will I Repurchase?
Not For Me!
Tony Moly Magic Food Banana Milk Sample
As soon as I opened this little sachet I was surprised at the fact that the hand milk does actually smell like bananas, banana milkshake to be precise. It's quite a heavy scent but once you've moisturised the balm into your hands it slowly begins to fade meaning it's not as dominant. The milk itself is quite thick, I could get two uses out of this mini sample, it's extremely nourishing and hydrating on the hands but it did leave my palms feeling a little bit greasy afterwards. It's such a unique product and when I googled the price I had no choice but to put it in the not for me section!

Soap and Glory Foam Call Shower and Bath Body Wash

When I first used this body wash I was shocked by the scent. It has notes of yuzu and green fig and to me, this just smells like men and when I'm washing my body in the shower that's not what I want to be smelling of. I much prefer girly, fruity and sweet fragrances.

Aqua Viva Bath and Shower Wash x2

When I was on holiday, last month, there were a couple of these Aqua Viva mini bottles lingering in the bathroom of the cottage I was staying in and I couldn't just leave them there could I? The shower wash is a beautiful aqua blue colour which looks identical to the seas in the Maldives, it also lathers really well creating a multitude of bubbles. It's a shame you can't really buy these singularly as the aloe vera scent is very soothing.

The Body Shop Strawberry Softening Gel Lotion

I really dislike this product, from the scent to the consistency, everything about it I dislike. The scent is horrific, it doesn't smell like strawberries it's a fake chemical version. Not to mention the fact that the consistency feels like hand sanitizer so when you massage it into your skin it feels ridiculously sticky meaning you have to wait for ages for it to sink into the skin properly. I'm normally quite content with The Body Shop's products however this one is a no-go for me.

Avon Daily Hair Refresher-Review

This hair refresher lasts for quite a long time considering it's a 150ml bottle, however, as time goes on the scent changes considerably quickly. It becomes very strong, unpleasant and it loses the floral notes which begins to be a chore to use. I eventually tried using it as a room spray and a bathroom one because I couldn't come to terms with the awful scent.
Empties #17, Will I Repurchase?
Can I just point out the fact that nearly half of these products that I have finished up have been by The Body Shop...can you tell I love trying out their products? Anyway, I'd love to hear what you've recently finished up and have you tried any of these products before? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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