Products That I Don't Get Enough Use Out Of

Every now and again I go through my collection, try out a few new products, find something that I used to adore using and I pick that ahead of what was my everyday favourite so I neglect products.
Products That I Don't Get Enough Use Out Of Featuring MAC, Morphe, NARS
I have to just make it clear that these products aren't bad at all they have just been pushed to the back and somewhat forgotten about so I thought it was about time I had rediscovered them and worked out why they aren't getting used.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer-Review £23.00

As you may know, I am in the mists of doing my project pan which contains two concealers, two of which I'm not particularly impressed with, not half as much as this one by any means. So as I am painstaking using those up I forget to reach for my dreamy, creamy concealer. I miss using a concealer that is as creamy, full coverage yet radiant all at the same time.

Morphe 25a Copper Spice Eyeshadow Palette £19.00

I caved into buying this palette after I saw so many people's Instagram stories full of pictures and swatches. It's a beautiful palette with such a wide variety of shades including browns, coppers and golds with the odd shimmer thrown in amid the mattes. However, what frustrates me about this palette is that there are no light shimmer shades for when I want a more subtle everyday look, as the colours are mainly quite dark. This does tend to restrict me as to when I can use the palette unless I just want a wash of brown throughout the crease or if I'm feeling adventurous with a smokey eye.

Collection Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liners £2.99

I used to own near enough the whole collection of these glam crystal liners until I decided that I would never use a blue or a pink and the only ones I would reach for would be the golds, silvers and khakis. However, you can't really use these alone because they are really made for more intense and exciting looks which aren't practical for everyday life. They are really pigmented just don't itch where you have applied the product otherwise you will find that it'll flake off but other than that they are brilliant.
Products That I Don't Get Enough Use Out Of Featuring MAC, Morphe, NARS
Benefit BAD Gal Liner-Review £17.00
I remember the day I got this like the back of my hand because I had wanted this liner for the longest time, hence why I have a whole review of it up on my blog from ages ago. But, since then it has been sitting in my drawer not getting an eye in edgeways. What I do tend to find is that if I apply it to my waterline it can leak a little bit at the side of my eyes if they are especially watery for one reason or another. Regardless of that, it's a lovely, creamy jet black liner which has great lasting power; I like it best when it is close to the lash line, on the lid, smudged out.

The Body Shop Lip Liner £8.00

Lip liners can be a pain for me as I either love them and remember to use them or I forget and never even glance towards them. It's a bit of an issue. Due to this and the fact that I have one other nude liner which I tend to use all the time, I disregard that I even own this one which is a shame. It is a good pinky nude liner, it's creamy and has a hint of terracotta within which I quite like.
Products That I Don't Get Enough Use Out Of Featuring MAC, Morphe, NARS
MAC Fix+ Prep and Prime Spray £18.00
Do you remember when this was the one product you had to have in your collection? When it was the best all in one product around? Yes, me too and that's why I caved and got it and to be honest I have barely used it since. If I'm honest I'm not even too sure what it does or what it is, what I do know is that it works brilliantly for melting all of my makeup into one so that it looks more natural and less cake face. I do kind of feel like this was a waste of money but I do need to start using it more often.

No.7 Makeup Brush Cleaner-Review £8.00

I used to use this constantly because I was lazy and couldn't be bothered to clean my brushes every two weeks like I probably should have done. I used this as an alternative to deep cleaning my brushes and because it made them look clean I thought that was ace. However, nowadays I tend to deep clean my brushes instead of using this as a cheats way out. It is good for spot cleaning and especially makeup artists, but I feel if you are going to clean them you may as well do them properly.

It's fair to say I need to have a look through my makeup more often because I completely forgot about some of these products! Do you ever go through your makeup and realize that there are products that you haven't touched or used in a long time, if so what products are they?
 Thanks for reading.

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