5 Brushes I Cannot Live Without

I feel like brushes are something that no one ever tends to speak about but realistically we use them near enough five days a week if not more than that, making them a vital part of our routines.
5 Brushes I Cannot Live Without Ft Beauty Blender, Real Techniques, Morphe and Technic
I've found love for these four brushes and a sponge that I cannot give enough praise too, I don't know where I'd be without them.

The Original Blender Blender Sponge-Review £16.00

I'm pretty sure that this is the best £16 I have ever spent in regards to beauty products, the best! It blends foundation and concealers like a dream leaving you with a flawless finish, no streaks or excess foundation anywhere to be seen. My top tip would definitely be to dampen the sponge before using it as it gives you the best effect. Need I say any more about this sponge?

Real Techniques Blush Brush £9.99

Forget blush, this brush is ideal for bronzing and contouring. It is the perfect shape to sharpen up your cheek and jaw bones for contouring as well as covering the surface of your complexion within seconds. Its slightly tapered fluffy bristles makes it the perfect match for doing the job.

Technic Pro Powder Brush* £3.99

You know when you have to blend everything in so it becomes one on your face? Well, this brush is brilliant for doing just that. Due to it being a fairly large brush, as opposed to the others, and it not being too dense it allows you to perfectly blend your bronzer, blush, foundation etc into one making you look more natural.

Morphe M441 Pro Firm Blending Crease Brush-Review £7.00

If you're a firm lover of eyeshadow or just love using one shade all day every day then this brush is for you. It's the perfect one swish wonder kind of brush for all formulas. This brush is slightly tapered so regardless if you are applying shadow to the crease, inner corner or all over this fits perfectly to pack on and blend eyeshadow.

Morphe M158 Angle Liner Spoolie Brush £3.50

I honestly don't know where'd I'd be without this inexpensive wonder. You cannot do your brows properly without a good angled brush and that's why this brush is my favourite. It's quite dense meaning you can carve out your brows precisely, fill them in and create light feathery strokes with it without it being too harsh. Not to mention the spoolie you get on the other end of the brush too!

These brushes all come in handy every single time I do my makeup and If I've misplaced one it feels like the end of the world. Does anyone else get that feeling? If I had to do an updated Customising The Ultimate Brush Set I would definitely add in the Technic brush to the mix as it's definitely changed the way my makeup looks. Anyway, what brushes can you not live without?
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