My Blogging Goals For 2018!

I've always set goals for myself throughout the year when it comes to blogging, that are quick, short-term and achievable. However, I've never really shared them with anyone, they've always just been written down in my notebook so I thought I'd let you in on some of my goals I want to set for 2018.
My Blogging Goals For 2018!
Bloglovin Followers-Now at: 542,  By The End Of The Year: 585
I've been slowly but surely getting into the swing of Bloglovin in regards to engaging more on the platform. I think it's a brilliant way to find new blogs and posts to read but it's always been an area where I struggle to grow on.

Instagram Followers-Now at: 1189, By The End Of The Year: 1250

I think everybody by now knows the agony and pain that goes into trying to grow your follower count on Instagram. I mean it's hard work which is why I've set a smallish target for myself. I actually love finding new feeds and pretty photos I just wish engagement was a bit better.

DA Improved-Now at: 16, By The End Of The Year: 20

I'm fully aware that the goal I'm setting for myself is a rather large set up when it comes to domain authority. But I'm always trying to improve and better it so if you do have any tips please do let me know!

Reach 200K View On My Blog

By all means, this isn't impossible it will just require a lot of time, effort and patience which I'm willing to put in. It's always a good feeling knowing that people are reading and enjoying your blog.

Continue Posting Once a Week

I go through phases with my blog from where I go from writing once a week to twice then within a month or two I go back to writing one post a week again. So at the very least, I want to be posting every Tuesday without fail, if possible and if I do want to go up to posting twice a week make sure it'll be a sustainable change.

Connections With Brands

In 2017 I have worked with so many new and exciting brands and I hope to find more brand connections in 2018. There is always a great sense of achievement when I work with a brand and what I long for is continuation and support as it shows that they love working with you as much you do with them.

Form More Blogger Friendships

It's crazy to think that I would call quite a few bloggers my friends even though we haven't met, nor speak every day, is that odd? I'm sure you will know who you are. However, I would love to be able to enhance and develop the friendships I have whilst even maybe meeting a friend or two!

Those are some of my more long-term goals that I have for my blog. I will also be setting some shorter-term ones as well along the way. Have you set any goals for yourself next year and do you think these are achievable?
 Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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