Sharing The Love This Christmas - My Favourite Instagram Accounts❄

Christmas is a time for spreading joy and positivity to those around you and what a perfect way of doing so by giving my favourite Instagram accounts a mention. Hopefully, you'll find some new favourites too!
Two Christmas Robins infront of Makeup Products

Kirra / @blendandspend
I have no idea why Kirra doesn't have more followers, seriously, her account is beautiful! She is my go-to for when I want to admire makeup products, especially palettes. Her photos are so simplistic yet they pack a pretty floral punch which is noticeable throughout her feed.
@blendandspend Instagram Feed
Victoria / @toriiitoriii
Ever since I've found Victoria's account I've been in love with every single photo she has uploaded. From her chilled out blanket pictures to her desk filled with favourite products never does a cup of coffee go amiss on her feed. She makes taking photos seem so comfortable and easy!
@toriiitoriii Instagram Feed
Dena / @Denajaynee
Although Dena doesn't have an extraordinary amount of images on her account, the ones that she does have a touch of icy white glam to them. Her photos are always so dreamy. She sometimes uploads the odd lifestyle picture showing the diversity and love of cocktails she has!
@thedenaedit Instagram Feed
Nikki / @lovelaughslipstick
I don't even know where to begin speaking about Nikki's account, she is just the photo and Instagram stories queen. I adore her close up shots of products as each photo is full of detail, time and effort. Not to mention her stories, well, this girl can make me cry with laughter with some of the things she says, however, her spam emails are definitely the best.
@lovelaughslipstick Instagram Feed
Kirstie / @_Kirstiemarie
Kirstie's cool toned blue yet bright theme is one that always stands out to me when I'm scrolling through my feed. Her photos are always colourful, vibrant and full of fun whilst her eye for composition is incredible. She also has a brilliant youtube channel that coincides with her blog.
@behindthescentblog Instagram Feed
Kate / @misskatebeauty
I cannot get enough of Kate's photos, from her beauty shots to her cute quotes as well as her gorgeous selfies she has got everything you want all in one space. My favourite thing about her account is definitely the way she styles her makeup selfies as she'll have different shots from alternative angles to show the beauty that she is.
@misskatebeauty Instagram Feed
Those are my favourite Instagram accounts that I'm loving at the moment. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for another sharing the love post very soon. As for now check out my previous Christmas themed posts and get following all of these lovely ladies! Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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