Sharing The Love This Christmas - My Favourite Blogs❄

I like to think that I follow and read quite a few blogs, however, there are a select few that I religiously read and comment on. I just cannot get enough of bloggers and their amazing blogs.
Technic Mega Mattes Nude Eyeshadow Palette Featured Post: Empties&Mini Reviews November

I've been following Sal's blog for ages and ages now and I never get bored of her posts! She always has fresh, new ideas and even though she's debated on stopping her empties series I always persuade her not to as they are some of my favourite posts of hers. Her writing intrigues me as she always has moments of humour and mini stores when writing about product empties plus if she despises a product you'll know about it!
Umm Baby Beauty Blog Featured Post: October Favourites 2017

Maiya is another that I've felt like I've been following for ages. Maiya recently took a short break in blogging and social media which is why the latest favourite post I've read is about October, but it's still a good'un. However, her short and sweet reviews on products are what keeps me in line with the good, the bad and the ugly. On almost every post she writes there is always a possibility that she'll get me wanting a product or two. Don't even get me started on The Ordinary Foundation!
Maiya Belle xo Blog
Pumpkin Featured Post: Black Friday Beauty Haul

The anonymous creator of Pumpkin Lemonade has only just got their blog up and running in the past couple of months and I'm so glad that I found their blog at the beginning of their journey. There's something unique about their writing style that has me hooked onto their posts, especially in their haul, which is featured, you can relate to the writer of the post which makes the reading even more enjoyable.
Pumpkin Lemonade Blog Featured Post: Blogging Photography Props

One of the main reasons that I found Hannah's blog is because of her beautiful distinctive photography. If I see one of her photos on my Bloglovin feed I instantly want to read the post as her photos always draw me in. However, her featured post is definitely one of my favourites purely because of the amount of help, tips and tricks she gives. I mean I haven't started using a blanket in my photos for no reason now have I...!
Luxury Blush Blog
Frances- Franceskayleigh Featured Post: 4 Reasons Statement Boots Are a Must Have For Autumn

When it comes to fashion and style I'm not your one-stop girl for advice however, Frances definitely is! Whenever she uploads a fashion post I'm instantly awaiting to see her beautiful style shots and of course where she got her amazing wardrobe from. Not only does she just style the clothing of choice she likes to help us amateurs out on the reasons why you need them which is very helpful.
Frances Kayleigh Blog
Velvet Featured Post: Essie Leathers Collection by Rebecca Minkoff 2017

Although there hasn't been a post published on her site for a while now, she is determined to get back into the swing of blogging and what better way than to give her the love she needs to do so. Velvet Blush has become one of my closest friends in the blogging community, she always knows how to find the latest deal or when to stop me from spending an excessive amount of money. That's one of the things I adore about her blog as she's always out to save others money where needs be and this in-depth review featured explains the pros and the downsides as well as showing her honesty throughout.
Velvet Blush Blog
Hopefully, you've now found a few new blogs to go and have a read of but, if not then you must already love them as much as I do! Whos blogs do you recommend to me? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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