Hitting Up The Sales In Style

After Christmas is over the majority of the sales begin and whilst it's important to be getting all of the bargains which are on offer, it's just as important to stay warm and look stylish which is a priority in my books.
Hitting Up The Sales In Style
Walking On Your Feet All Day? You Need A Good Pair Of Shoes!-Their Range
When the sales are here you are guaranteed to be doing a lot of walking back and forth between shops and there's nothing worse than being in pain whilst trying to enjoy yourself. Shoes that are ill-fitted, rub or just aren't comfortable are the worst as you'll one hundred percent be feeling the agony once you sit down for a coffee break. These high knee boots are extremely comfy to wear, easy to walk and drive in, waterproof just in case it rains, plus they fit perfectly around the leg as well.
Hitting Up The Sales In Style
Carrying a Bag Packed Full Of Essentials!
Having a good handbag is a must for shopping, especially one that has plenty of room in it like this one. Although at first glance this bag may look small you can fit a lot in it, there's room for your essentials and more! It's always a good idea to take a bag that has handles and a strap option ready and prepared for when you need to wear your bag on your shoulder due to the numerous other carrier bags you'll be holding. Its a fully zipped bag, with inside pockets which can come in very handy for loose change, phones and keys making it safe and perfect for the occasion.
Hitting Up The Sales In Style
Stay Warm Whilst Looking Fabulously Matching!-Their Range
I always think it can be tricky when getting the balance between being fashionable and warm, I'm normally one or the other but not both. However, that's nothing a matching pair of gloves and a scarf can solve. When your accessories are matching you look and feel more put together and a lot less of a colourful mess like if you had blue gloves and a pink scarf with black jeans and a brown coat. Also if you get too hot you can always pop them in your bag as there's always room for more!

Adding Your Final Touch Of Glam-With Earrings!

Earrings are the only piece of jewellery I'll wear purely because they are the final touch to finish every outfit off. These black tasselled earrings tie in perfectly with the black boots and bag whereas the gold hoop glimmers in the light and sun adding some extra detail and glam to the look. If you're not a fan of statement earrings then it's all good because they offer such a wide array of jewellery which you can see here.
Hitting Up The Sales In Style
Outfit Worn:
Shoes-Simply Be*
Coat-Next (old)
Scarf-Simply Be*
Gloves-Simply Be*
Earrings-Simply Be*
Bag-Simply Be*

Just like that, you are set to tackle the sales in the correct attire, whether it's going to be cold, warm, wet or sunny you're going to have it covered. Simply Be also have a huge range of shirtsjeans, underwear, partywear and nightwear for every occasion. What are you going to be wearing whilst you're shopping in the sales and what's your favourite item in this post? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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