What I've Learnt From Speaking With Emma Hardie Ambassadors

On International Women's Day, I got invited down to Bath's SpaceNK store to talk one on one with the lovely ladies who are ambassadors for Emma Hardie. This was a chance for me to address any skin concerns I have as well as discover a bit more about the products themselves.
Emma Hardie Protect and Prime SPF
There are a list long amount of things that I learnt from heading to Bath on Thursday, from travelling to being overwhelmed with the amount of information I now know about the products. So hopefully using a bit of what I learnt I can inform you of the help and advice I received.

Top Tips From The Day:

  1. If you are ever invited to go to an event, go! Even if you are a super nervous person like me because 1) you'll regret it hugely otherwise and 2) they are all so welcoming it's as if you already know them.
  2. If you are wearing gloves, take them off! They are so passionate about the products they promote that, of course, they want you to indulge in the products they love. So remove your gloves, if you're wearing them, and prepare to leave with your hands feeling and smelling incredible.
  3. Ask, ask and ask lots of questions! The only way you are going to benefit from the experience is if you ask a handful of questions which are going to inform and help you out in the long run.
So, Here's What I Learnt:
One of the questions that I asked the ladies was my concern about spots on my chin as they can sometimes go quite and flakey, did they have any tips or products that I should be using that'll help with that issue.

Then they asked me about what I do generally for my skincare routine and replied saying how we can sometimes be using too many products on our skin which can cause the skin to be stripped of the natural oils and nutrients that the skin has and needs which is what may be causing it. Therefore, they recommended using their Moringa Balm with the cloth that comes with it to cleanse the skin, remove the product then apply a bit more of the balm and let it sink into the skin. Then afterwards I should apply a few drops of their Brilliance Facial Oil to really nourish the skin, with both products recommended because of my skin concern.

However, the one product that really interested me the most was their Protect and Prime SPF30. They described it as a multipurpose product that everyone needs in their life. SPF is incredibly important in everyday life and it can make such a difference to your skin but what makes this one stand out from the rest is that it lasts for a whole 8 hours on the skin which not many others do; you are set for the duration of the day. Not only does it just work as an SPF but they have a unique light defusing formula that creates a soft focus luminous look to the skin which acts as a primer before makeup. It's basically a 2-1 whilst adding hydration at the same time!

So, basically what I've learnt is that I need the whole Emma Hardie range in my life because the products are amazing! I am already eyeing up their Pump&Glow Hydrating Facial Mist because when they spritzed it on my skin it literally felt so soft and my skin instantly felt rebooted. Have you tried any Emma Hardie products before if so what's your favourite product from them? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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