Testing Avon Makeup, Does It Work?

Avon is a brand that many of us hear about here and there but there's never one product that has stood out in their entire collection that people have gone crazy about. However, I've always been one to try bits and pieces out, from them, and I have found a couple of items which I really love and some not so...but, today I have picked out a handful of products to try and see if they really do work well.
Testing Avon Makeup, Does It Work?
Avon True Colour Flawless Liquid Foundation £12.00
When it comes to foundations I am quite picky about what I use but I quite enjoyed each time I used this one as my skin looked great. It's a medium to full coverage foundation which is buildable regardless of whether you use a sponge or a brush. It evened out my skin tone whilst adding coverage in the areas I needed it most as it covered imperfections well whilst giving me a natural glow all over. It lasted throughout the entire day without looking cakey or patchy. So far, this is a major hit for me!

Avon Mark Perfect Brow Sculpting Pencil in Deep Brown £7.00
In the brochure, the shade I've got didn't look as dark as it actually is meaning it's a tiny bit too dark for me which is a bit disappointing. But I can sort of make it work. It's a twist up pencil with a sort of stiff yet creamy consistency that I've noticed can smudge during application and once it's on the skin. It is not the easiest of pencils to use as you can't get a precise tail or arch and it can look a bit patchy but it's nothing that running a spoolie through your brows can't fix. I'm not too keen on this one.

Avon Mark Big Colour Eye Contour Pencil in Naturally Nude £6.00
I was kind of hoping that this was going to be a matte nude shade so that I could use it as a base, a bit like soft ochre by MAC, but it does have a visible shimmer running throughout. It is a fairly creamy pencil that doesn't tug too much when applying it on your lids and it gives a fair amount of colour pigment considering it's a light golden shade. I find wearing it alone by itself is the best way to wear this, blending the edges out with a brush to give a more seamless barely there look. What I will say is that I've got fairly oily eyelids and it does crease throughout the day but that doesn't bother me too much.

Avon True Colour Ultra Volume Lash Magnify Mascara £10.00
Honestly, I'm overly impressed by this mascara. I always talk about how I've got little short, stubby lashes but on the first coat of application, they were so voluminous and long, I couldn't believe it! I've found that my prefered look when using this mascara is when I apply three coats, it makes my lashes really thick and statement-like. My only issue is that it takes a long time to remove, but that's still a good thing in many ways!
Testing Avon Makeup, Does It Work? Swatches
Avon Mark Matte Lip Kit in Dark Nude £6.00
I'm quite shocked at the colour of these two when they are on the lips as they come off more of a caramel orange nude rather than the pinky brown which I was expecting from the tube. Both the lip liner and liquid lipstick are incredibly creamy and easy to apply. The liner was opaque meaning you could wear it alone or underneath a lipstick. The lipstick claims to be matte but it's definitely more of a satin as it does have a sheen to it due to its mousey texture. Both products in this lip kit transfer and the liquid lipstick doesn't actually full dry down meaning it comes off easily, but saying that I still really like pairing these two together.

Avon True Colour Glazewear Lip Gloss in Clear £6.50
I'm not the biggest lipgloss lover so I thought I'd get a clear one to avoid any disasters. When applying the gloss, I found that I had to keep dipping back into the tube a lot because the applicator doesn't give off that much product. Plus, when you double dip you can see the colour of your lipstick mixing inside the gloss tube. But once you've got a full layer on it gives you a beautiful clear sheen which looks lovely and it isn't sticky at all, it does have a tacky scent that lingers though so keep that in mind.

Avon Mark Magix Prep and Set Spray £6.00
I used to own and love their setting spray but they either discontinued, redesigned or reformulated it I haven't worked out which one yet. However, this setting spray has quite a spitty mist, you can definitely tell there are blobs attacking you but you aren't left with any visible dots on your face! When I've used this my makeup has lasted for the duration of the day, normally 9ish hours which means it's doing its job!

I used to purchase from Avon all the time, do you remember their colour trend range well that used to be my favourite! However, these products are a lot better than what I used to use from them! Have you tried anything from Avon or do you now want to? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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