Makeup Collection Series / #2 Foundations&Concealers

I've been decluttering my collection for quite some time now so that I have a collection where I'm happy that everything contained in it I either love, like, adore or I'm testing, where I don't own anything that I really dislike. Therefore, I thought it was the perfect time to start doing a makeup collection series as I'm overly content with my collection at this moment in time. Of course, I am always eyeing up new products and my wishlist is forever growing but for now, this is my collection.
Makeup Collection Series / #2 Foundations&Concealers
When it comes to foundation and concealer I rely on them so heavily for my skin concerns whether it's redness, dullness, pores or blemishes etc, if I'm not wearing one I'm always wearing the other. Every time I go to wear makeup these two are both such important steps in my routine for me to achieve that flawless base I desire and it's always a relief finding a product you love and can rely on daily.

My Favourites!
Becca Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation in Fair £34.00
This is my most used, most reached for, and the most loved foundation that I have in my collection. It has a beautifully lightweight feel on the skin whilst giving off a light to medium coverage which is buildable. When this is on my skin looks amazingly healthy as it gives me an all-over glow. It covers my redness but in regards to larger blemishes, I find that I do have to go in with concealer for that, as this foundation is all about a naturally flawless finish. This foundation lasts a good 6-8 hours on the skin dependant on if I'm doing any exercise on the day meaning it does come off sooner.

Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint in Light-Review £20
Being a skin tint it doesn't really classify as a proper foundation, however, it's a brilliant base product. On days where I'm not wanting a full face of makeup with my Becca foundation, I opt for this Glossier tint as it's extremely lightweight and breathable on the skin. It adds a wash of colour to even out my skin tone as well as adding that extra ounce of luminosity to my complexion. Although it adds little to no coverage, it blends like a dream with a sponge and does exactly what it says on the bottle.
Makeup Collection Series / #2 Foundations&Concealers
The Ones That Are OK!
Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in Light Vanilla-Review £9.99
The last blog post that I uploaded was, in fact, a full review of this foundation and the matching concealer and I can say now that I definitely prefer the foundation over the concealer. It's a light to medium coverage with a strong yellow undertone that sort of blends away once you buff the foundation in thoroughly. When the foundation is on the skin it gives you a bright, lightweight natural finish, my only issue is that you can see the redness in my cheeks through it which I'm not keen on. It lasts for a good six hours before I notice any major flaws.

Avon True Colour Flawless Liquid Foundation in Porcelain-Review £12.00
Considering I normally pick the lightest shade in base products, this foundation is surprisingly too light for me, which isn't normally the case at all! It's a lovely medium coverage foundation that is buildable and it blends well. Due to it not being the right shade, I don't wear this one too often compared to the others, however, it does a good job at covering redness, blemishes and imperfections whilst leaving you with a semi-matte finish as it gives a tiny sheen to the skin.

Seventeen Stay Time Concealer in Extra Fair £4.49
I don't have a clue why I purchased the shade extra fair as it is far too light for me, but by using this concealer with the Elf one, mentioned below, the two work out to make a pretty decent shade for me. This concealer has very light coverage it doesn't cover a lot, however, the main thing it does well is brightening underneath the eyes as it adds heaps of light to the area. It's a super creamy formula that blends really easily it just gives you such a sheer coverage.

Elf HD Lifting Concealer in Fair £4.50
After moaning constantly about this concealer in my disappointing products post, I have come round to making it work and I am quite liking it. If you are pale like me then this concealer will be far too orange for you as it isn't fair in the slightest. However, it is a medium to full coverage concealer that covers well, it can cling to dry patches but if you pair it with the right foundation and primer then you won't have many issues.

The Ones I'm Testing/Unsure On!
Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer in Light-Review £8.99
I have definitely got to try this concealer out a few more times before I come to a firm decision on whether I like it or not as at the moment I'm not too fond of it. It's very similar to the foundation, however, I find that the yellowness of the concealer doesn't go away once you've applied it so it can look peculiar when paired with other foundations. The best way to use this is under the eyes as it brightens the area unlike on the rest of my skin where it accentuates my dry patches and disappears off my oily nose incredibly quickly.
Makeup Collection Series / #2 Foundations&Concealers Swatches
I still haven't found that perfect foundation nor concealer that I forever repurchase. I did come close with the L'Oreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation but I cannot find it anywhere in stores and I have no clue what shade I am! If you have any recommendations then be sure to send them my way!

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What is your favourite foundation and concealer at the moment?
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