Tubing by K.A McKeagney | Book Tour Review

Reading is one of my favourite past times and there is always a sense of satisfaction when you find a new, upcoming, exhilarating and captivating read that keeps you entertained throughout the day. Let me tell you, this book is definitely one that'll keep you wanting more...!
Tubing by K.A McKeagney | Book Tour Review
Polly, 28, lives in London with her 'perfect-on-paper' boyfriend. She works a dead-end job on a free London paper. . . life as she knows it is dull. But her banal existence is turned upside down late one drunken night on her way home, after a chance encounter with a man on a packed tube train. The chemistry between them is electric and on impulse, they kiss, giving in to their carnal desires. But it's over in an instant, and Polly is left shell-shocked as he walks away without even telling her his name.

Now obsessed with this beautiful stranger, Polly begins a frantic online search, and finally discovers more about tubing, an underground phenomenon in which total strangers set up illicit, silent, sexual meetings on busy commuter tube trains. In the process, she manages to track him down and he slowly lures her into his murky world, setting up encounters with different men via Twitter.

At first, she thinks she can keep it separate from the rest of her life, but things soon spiral out of control.

By chance, she spots him on a packed tube train with a young, pretty blonde. Seething with jealousy, she watches them together. But something isn't right and a horrific turn of events makes Polly realise not only how foolish she has been, but how much danger she is in...

Can she get out before it's too late?

My Thoughts
Imagine being so fascinated by someone that you don't notice that your whole life ahead of you turning into one domestic and dangerous twisted game. It all starts with the first chapter that is incredibly short yet it gives you that intriguing introduction you need to get yourself stuck in. In the beginning, we engage in Polly's life, we witness her 'stable' relationship and we find out what happens on an important date in her and Oliver's lives, which is when everything seems to turn and impact her life for what is unknown as good or bad.

As nothing goes to plan that evening, Polly wakes up in the morning and everything seems to be a massive blur. But, that subtle miscommunication starts a new whirlwind chapter in her life as she begins to have flashbacks of the night before. These flashbacks turn into memories that turn into fantasies and desires, this is when tubing comes into action.

Throughout the book, there are multiple twists, turns, unexpected events which are full of darkness, mystery, breakdowns, sexual encounters, murders and relationship drama but the one thing that keeps drawing Polly and us readers in is the unknown, what will happen next. The tension portrayed in this book is incredible, you cannot put the book down as you can't predict what is going to happen in a few pages time.

The whole perception of the act of tubing has enlightened me as I had/have no idea if this is a thing or not. How it starts as just a sexual desire and commuting fun yet it turns out to be a deathly and dangerous club to join which she finds out about just in time.

As soon as I finished reading the book I had to catch my breath. It was intense and now I am left with so many unanswered questions like what happens to Polly and does Oliver ever find out what has been going on after all this time?

Tubing is an exciting, deep and secretive thriller packed with seductive sexual scenes. It's a highly entertaining read, one you cannot put down until the end.

Meet The Author
K.A. McKeagney studied psychology in Bristol before completing a Masters degree in creative writing at Brunel. She won the Curtis Brown prize for her dissertation, which formed the basis of her first novel Tubing. She has worked in London as a health editor writing consumer information as well as for medical journals. Her writing has been commended by the British Medical Association (BMA) patient information awards. She is currently working on her second novel.

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Tubing by K.A McKeagney | Book Tour Review
So, what are your thoughts on Tubing? Are you hooked on it, or hooked up in a similar sexual encounter? If you want to find out more then be sure to pick up the book for yourself as it was published on 10th May and is available from Amazon. Will you be running to pick this up now that you've read my review on it? Thanks for reading.

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