Project Pan: 18 To Finish In 2018 Update #3

I must admit, from the last update to present there hasn't been a whole lot of success in my project pan. But I shall explain...
Project Pan: 18 To Finish In 2018 Update #3
So, picture this. For a couple of months now we've had builders at our house as we are having a tonne of work being done and my bedroom is one of the first parts of the house that needs to 'disappear' in a sense as it's going to be redone. So in the first few weeks or so of last month, the builders said that I need to move everything out of my room so that it's completely empty, apart from my bed, as they wanted to start work on the roof, therefore, my desk, drawers, wardrobe, makeup collection etc are now all in different parts of the house now.

At this current point in time, they still haven't made progress on the roof and I can admittedly tell you that my main concern hasn't been my project pan but making sure all my things weren't going walkies. Making sure that I have easy access to some sort of desk, my laptop and my notebook have been my priority for the past month so that's what has been going on. Anyway, on to the 'progress'!

Finished Up:
Bio-Essence 24K Gold Miracle Finisher*-Review £29.99
It's funny because just as I had finished writing the draft for this post I finished the product up the day after! I knew I only had a tiny bit of the product left in the tube I just couldn't tell when it was going to go. Throughout the duration of this project, I've made steady progress on this and that's why I've finished it in this update which I'm happy about.

Balance Me Radiance Face Mask £18.00
I got through this pretty quickly after the last update and I wasn't too fussed with the results it gave me. I'm glad it was only a small size as I was able to get through it fast and I can concentrate on another mask.

New In:
NYX Lid Lingerie Eye Tint in Rose Pearl £6.00
I'm going through another phase where I don't wear any eye makeup on my eyes apart from mascara and I thought this was the best product to introduce into my routine. It's a beautiful dainty rose tint that looks lovely on the eyes. I've found it can be worn alone or paired with other products. I'm not sure how much is left in here so I won't be able to track it as well as the other products.

Soap&Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick 3D Volume Lip Shine-Review £3.50
I've been using this lip gloss stick quite a lot recently at work and thought it was the ideal opportunity to track my progress with how much I've used of it. It's an odd one as I wouldn't pick this for going out and this definitely is not my number one choice of lipstick yet for work it's perfect. This isn't much left in the bullet anyway so hopefully, this one can be near enough done by the end of the project.

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Protect&Prime SPF30 £46.00
Now that I've finished up the Bio-Essence miracle finisher, I've swapped in this protect and prime SPF because they are quite similar products. I haven't used this yet but I'm hoping my skin doesn't react to it because I used their moringa mask the other day and my skin burnt so badly, even though I use their moringa balm daily and that doesn't cause any issues. This will be a bit touch and go, it could last just one update or the rest of them, who knows!
Project Pan: 18 To Finish In 2018 Update #3 New In
Continuing Products:
Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Loose Powder £25.95
I've made as much progress as I did last month with this powder and that is absolutely nothing. To be fair I haven't been doing full faces of makeup, therefore, I haven't reached for it. The progress can only get better.

Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder £24.00
Another steady month of progress for this bronzer. I'm finding so much joy in using this every day, it does a brilliant job and it makes me understand why it's a cult favourite that everyone adores!
Project Pan: 18 To Finish In 2018 Update #3 Benefit Hoola Pan
Colourpop Lippie Stix in Brink $5.00
I haven't been using lipstick that much this month as I've been going a week wearing no makeup then the next I'd just wear the usual concealer, powder, bronzer trio and nothing more. I'm thinking about swapping this out for another product if I don't use it by the next update.

Shills Pore Purifying Peel Off Black Mask £9.99
After making no progress in last months update, I'm pleased to say that I have used this quite a lot this time around. Whenever I notice my makeup not applying as well I apply this all over my nose and on areas which are blocked with comedones and it makes a real difference the day after.

Body Fantasies Body Spray in Pink Vanilla Kiss Fantasy £3.99
I'm satisfied that I've made near enough the same process as last month if not a little bit more with this sweet scent. I've been spritzing myself all over alongside the perfume before I go out the house each morning meaning I get a lot of use out of them both.

Victorias Secret Bombshell Perfume £54.15
I am getting quite close to the bottom of this perfume bottle now which is very exciting! Give it a month or two and I'm sure that this will be featured in an empties post sometime soon.
Project Pan: 18 To Finish In 2018 Update #3
This month hasn't been a success like the previous two but I'm excited to start using the three new products that I've introduced into this update. My goal is 18 to be finished in 2018 and so far I'm at 15/18.

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Have you hit pan on any products recently? Are you impressed by the progress I've been making? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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