Race For Life 2018

On Sunday 1st July my friend, Tia, and I ran, I say ran...we took part in the Race For Life 5k event at Cheltenham.
Charlotte and Tia Ready For Race For Life 2018 Cheltenham
On the day we arrived at the event, at Cheltenham Racecourse, around 40 minutes before the start with tutus on and running numbers attached. We took a few photos, downed half our water and joined in with the group warm-up which honestly had us sweating from head to toe already before we had even started the race. The temperature was hitting 29/30° Celsius so you can understand why we were already panting!

As soon as they said the words walk, jog or run we both looked at each other as the sudden realisation hit us that we had to go 5k in this heat, no matter how we were going to complete it. We chose the jogging section, got in line and the Mexican wave began through everyone that was taking part. The whole experience was amazing and great to be a part of.
Charlotte and Tia Race For Life 2018 Cheltenham
During the race, we went through phases of jogging, running and walking but as we hit the last 500m everything became a slow and dreadfully hot walk to the finish line as Tia wasn't feeling too great. Nonetheless, we crossed the finish line as the timer struck 50 minutes 10 seconds which we are both really pleased about. Everyone on the day was super supportive including the volunteers, other runners and everybody that sponsored us.
Two days after the race and I was still feeling the effects on my legs and for someone who doesn't do that much exercise it really did hit me hard! The day was such a success and I'm overwhelmed with how much we have raised for such a brilliant cause. If you would like to donate then feel free to on my page.
Fancy Dress Worn:
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Have you done a race for life before or are you thinking about doing it next year? I really want to do the pretty muddy race but no one seems to want to do it with me! Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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