The Quick Way To Instantly Bronze Your Whole Body

I always get nervous before tanning, especially when it's a new brand or product that I'm going to use. So instead if I need a quick fix I always reach for this bronzing body cream for an instant all over glow and a tan.
The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Body BB Cream Review

What Is It?
Essentially this product is a tinted BB cream for your body, but not for your face. It gives you an instant bronzed glow up that doesn't make you go orange. Plus, it does a great job at hydrating your skin as it is enriched with community trade honey meaning you won't be getting dry skin anytime soon.

There are quite a few claims that are attached to this product including:

  • A natural looking tan, 
  • It evens the appearance of your skin tone,
  • Concealing of imperfections
  • 24hr moisturisation,
  • It washes off.

My Thoughts?
I'd fully agree with the look of a tan, depending on how much you apply and whether you apply a thick or thin layer will determine how deep or natural your skin will look and my skin doesn't look or feel dry. As for the washing off, I would advise you not to use white or pale coloured towels when you get out of the shower just in case it hasn't all come off, however, if you've not applied a lot of product it is fairly easy to rinse off. 

This product is only a day's fix as it doesn't contain any tanning ingredients. Therefore, if you have an event that comes up or the sun is making an appearance and you want to look the part then this is a great product as you can just do it at home by yourself and you don't have to wait long at all for it to soak in and dry. For £16.00 you get 150ml which is quite a lot considering you don't need a lot for a natural looking tan.

So what are your thoughts on this product? Have you heard of it before and do you think this is an innovative and unique product by The Body Shop? Will you be purchasing their Honey Bronze Bronzing Body BB Cream? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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