An Earring Lover's Must Have!

Jewellery is an odd one for me as I only tend to wear earrings, whether they are hoops or small studs I seem to love them all. Earrings are such a staple for me when it comes to outfits and finding and wearing the right pair as they can make an outfit come to life.
The Little Little Book of Earrings
One struggle I always have is the issue with storing my earrings. I used to store my smaller earrings in a little post which would get rather frustrating as I was always rummaging around in it trying to find the two matching ones. Then with my larger hoops, they would be in a completely different drawer so they were never together.

Not only that but, when I would have fashion shoots for my blog, I would more often than not do more than one shoot in that same day meaning I'd be changing my earrings a handful of times. That also came with the hassle of finding them in my purse and then trying not to lose them. I'm sure I can't be the only one that has had these problems?!

Since coming across The Little Book of Earrings* I can't think how I ever coped without it. Before, my earrings were never easily accessible, organised or particularly safe but now they are that and more! The Little Shop Of are the company that have graced us with their genius creation after having similar difficulties when it came to all types of jewellery.
The Little Little Book of Earrings Review
The little book of earrings holds 48 pairs whereas the little little book only holds 12 pairs spread out over two pages. The pages are padded so that the earrings are protected, secure and safe, they are also tested for sulphur content meaning that gold and silver earrings won't tarnish when being stored inside the book. But, one of the best things about these books is that you can travel with them, and you can store them on your desk or on your bookshelf as a safe spot as no one will ever notice the difference!
The Little Little Book of Earrings Review
How do you store your earrings? Is a book like this something that you'll find convenient and handy? It's definitely an earring saver for me, I literally take this with me everywhere now as it gives me the option to pick and choose on the day dependant on what I'm feeling. Are you going to be purchasing one of these little books or are you more of a necklace or ring wearer as they have books for those too! Thanks for reading.

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