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When I first heard about this book I was intrigued as to what it was going to be like, would it be an eye-opener or a devious mystery that I'll be suckered into?
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Heavily pregnant Frannie is facing a crisis. An English woman living in Germany, her marriage is failing, her language skills are hopeless, and she feels like a fish out of water in a foreign country.

In a positive effort to tackle her problems, she learns to drive so she can cope when her baby is born and build a sense of independence. After passing her driving test she drives in the early hours of the morning to gain experience on the eerily empty streets.

But when she encounters a Polish motorcyclist looking for his missing sister, she becomes sucked into a terrifying world of shady nightclubs, autobahn prostitutes and organ trafficking. And when she crosses serial-killing truck driver Stigelegger, there's no turning back. A most unlikely heroine, this nervous Night Driver must stay one step ahead of her pursuer on the darkest of roads in order to survive.

My Thoughts
As someone who loves to drive and wants to be a lorry driver, after reading that Frannie is desperate to drive I was overjoyed as I know how much fun it can be. However, that joy suddenly became the horror as something horrible happened between a lorry driver and herself; that is the first real point of action in the book. Nonetheless, Frannie's determination carried her through her driving test and she was eager to get back on the road but her partner thought otherwise making her become a perfectly planned night driver. Driving in the night allowed Frannie to enjoy the open roads with no stress whilst being able to gain a polish friend, Tomek, who she soon discovered was looking for his missing sister. This is when the book turns mysterious, malicious and sinister in all the captivating ways that us readers love as we never know what devilish moment or twist is coming next.

Meeting Lars and Hans was a real eye-opener as to how evil their world can be when they find pleasure in murdering and perniciously torturing people. In my opinion, Marcelle wrote about their characters and acts brilliantly as it's not too graphic nor gruesome for the reader it is just right. Throughout the journey to find Tomek's sister we meet Dorcas who works for Hans, I didn't dislike nor like her in the book, I never knew if her intentions were for Tomek and Frannie's best and if she was always telling the truth. But overall I quite liked each of the character's roles in the book and they were written out really well.

Night Driver is a brilliant debut novel that takes you into the dark and terrifying world that includes psychotic nightclub owners and thrilling car journeys.

Meet The Author
Marcelle Perks is a British author and journalist living in Germany. She specializes in writing sexually-themed guidebooks but also writes short stories. As a film journalist, she has contributed to such publications as British Horror Cinema, Fangoria, The Guardian and Kamera. Night Driver is her thrilling debut novel.
Marcelle Perks
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So, what are your thoughts on Night Driver?  If you want to find out more then be sure to pick up the book for yourself as it was published on 2nd August and is available from Amazon. Will you be going to pick this up now that you've read my review on it? Thanks for reading.

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