My Recent Depop Finds #1

I've always been a huge fan of the app Depop, as it's an easy site to upload and sell makeup and clothes. However, recently I have been purchasing rather a lot through the app, including clothes, jewellery and a few makeup pieces which I'm really pleased with. You can find some great bargains on there!
My Recent Depop Finds
Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Face Palette - Paid £15.00 , RRP £34.00
This palette was on my wishlist ever since the sweet peach range arrived in the UK. The palette itself smells sweet and peachy, as you'd expect! The highlighter is rose gold and quite glittery/chunky, the blush is a satin peach and the bronzer comes up as a mid-tone on my skin that isn't matte. Since owning this palette it has already made its way into my everyday essentials, I love it, the blush and bronzer are my favourite duo.

Tarte Make a Splash Skincare Set - Paid £20.00
Tarte is a brand I always want to try more and more from and their skincare is always something I've wanted to delve into. In this set you get three mini products including a mist, a cleanser and a hydrating boost. I love the design and I can already tell the hydra boost is going to enhance my skin, even if this range does have quite a strong scent!

Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm in Honey Nectar - Paid £5.00 , RRP £8.00
Ever since I finished up my Soap and Glory balm I've been missing the balmy texture and I love that this is tinted as it adds that extra touch to your lips. It was brand new and came sealed which I was impressed with for the price I paid. I've used it a few times already but this is definitely one I need to carry on testing out as so far I'm a tad confused by it.

Powder Bundle - Paid £17.00 , RRP £82.98
As soon as I saw this powder bundle on my feed I couldn't believe the price that this was selling for, especially considering the products that you get. I had to double look to see if I saw the price correct! Although I won't use the Ofra highlight as it is too dark for my skin, all the other products I'll get use out of which still makes it incredible value for money. The Pixi highlighter is already a favourite of mine as it has such a smooth, creamy formula that looks amazing on my skin tone.

This bundle included:

Max Factor Creme Bronzer in 05 Light Gold £9.99
Maybelline Master Fix Baking and Brightening Loose Setting Powder £8.99
Pixi X Aspynovard Glow-y Powder Highlight in London Lustre £14.00
Too Faced Soul Mates Ross and Rachel Blushing Bronzer £25.00
Ofra Highlighter in Blissful £25.00
My Recent Depop Finds
Victoria Secret PINK Turquoise Blue Bralet - Paid £10.00
I love wearing bralets, they are super comfy and they look cute as well. The colour of this one drew me in as well as the lace detailing on the bralet. However, since trying this one on I've found that it is quite tight on me which is a bit unfortunate as the quality is brilliant.

Primark Pinafore Dress - Paid £8.50
For this time of year, these style of dresses are perfect to pair with woolly tights and black boots. I can already see myself wearing it! The sizing on me is a tiny bit big but once I've got all the layers on it should look lovely, plus how pretty is this tartan print.

Handmade Yellow Pom Pom Hoop Earrings 2 pack - Paid £3.50
My obsession with yellow is now stemming into my jewellery. These small hoops are handmade, just look at them, they are adorable! I wish the silver ones were the same size as the gold ones are they are easier to put in but other than that, I love them!
My Recent Depop Finds
That is everything that I've purchased from Depop recently. Do you ever buy from the app? I'd definitely recommend it but just do your research about the product and the seller first before you go onto buying anything. What is your favourite item that I've bought? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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