Why Reviewing Your Old Blog Posts Is So Important!

So you've just uploaded a blog post, now what? It just sits in the 'posted' section on your blog ready to never be reviewed again? Wrong!
Why Reviewing Your Old Blog Posts Is So Important!
Why It's So Important!
Once your post has gone live you should always go back and review it. This helps you to gauge an understanding of how well that post is doing/done. Not only that, but it means you can always add in more information, update your thoughts and the images on that blog post giving it a makeover so that the content is always new and fresh. It'll also help your SEO, but that's for another post! Plus, you won't keep going back and cringing at your old typos or photography!

Setting Page View Goals
Setting page view goals has been a thing that I've done since the start of the year and I've found it beneficial not only for promoting older blog posts but for motivational purposes. Regardless of whether your post got 50 views or 200, it's always good to set a goal on each specific post that you want to hit. This then gives you something to work towards, giving you the motivation and determination to keep doing better and improve all the time. It also gives you a sense of happiness as you achieve each mini goal.
Page View Goals Set on Charlotte's Picks' Blog
What I Do
I've found what works for me after trialling and testing out a few different ways to review and set my blog post goals. So I'm currently on my 2018 goals which includes every blog post that I've written and posted this year, each of them has an individual goal that I've set. Typically I make the goal around 40-60 increase in page views as it's fairly achievable in a short amount of time. This means that the goals and posts I'm promoting changes every now and again so it doesn't get too repetitive.

Setting these goals have been helping me promote my posts and giving me that extra boost for wanting to produce new content. Do you review your old posts and update them?  Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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