A Huge Nail Polish Declutter

I have a tub full of nail polishes that I've accumulated over the years and I've never really gone through them and had a declutter of the ones that I don't use. Since I've started doing gels I've not found the need to keep so many normal polishes which is what has spurred me to do this declutter. Since it is the start of the new year it only seems right to be doing a declutter to start fresh!
A Huge Nail Polish Declutter
I don't seem to own many nude/brown polishes in general but I definitely prefer a chocolate dark kind of brown compared to anything too light. The Avon one which I'm decluttering is an odd olivey nude shade which is far too light for skin tone.
A Huge Nail Polish Declutter Nudes Edition
Keeping: Barry M in Cocoa, Models Own in Midsummer Mauve, Marks and Spencers Limited in Aubergine.

Decluttering: Avon gel shine polish.

Oranges are definitely not my go to when it comes to nail polishes, I always think they look odd when on me. But saying that, I will only choose a red if it's an occasion like Christmas. The MT polish with the Barry M glitter on top makes the perfect duo.
A Huge Nail Polish Declutter Orange and Red Edition
Keeping: Barry M in Jingle Bells Morgan Taylor in Pretty Woman, The Body Shop in Red My Mind.

Decluttering: Barry M in Papaya, Seventeen in Bright Coral.

I adore a pretty shimmery turquoise shade, I am a sucker for them which is why I couldn't not keep both the Marks and Spencers and Barry M one. The finish of the Barry M silk polishes are horrible, I'd much rather have a sheen finish to the nail than a matte one which is frustrating as the colours are quite pretty on them both.
A Huge Nail Polish Declutter Blues and Green Edition
Keeping: Nails Inc in Queens Gardens, Marks and Spencers in Teal, Barry M in Aqua Glitter, Avon in Splendid Blue.

Decluttering: Avon in Teal Glitter, Seventeen in Blue, Orly in Pretty Ugly, Barry M in Forest, Meadow, Pole Position and Eat My Dust.
A Huge Nail Polish Declutter Blues and Greens Edition
A Huge Nail Polish Declutter Blues and Greens Edition
When it comes to pink, I always choose not to wear it, whether its clothes or nail polish, it's always a no from me apart from these three shades. I can't hack a bright pink. The only purple polish I will wear is this incredibly old one from Avon; it is beautiful!
A Huge Nail Polish Declutter Pink and Purple Edition
Keeping: Essie in Bare In Mind, No.7 polish, Barry M in Pink Sapphire Glitter, Avon in Metallic Mauve.

Decluttering: Barry M in Strawberry Icecream, S&C polish, Models Own in Sundress, Academy of Colour polish, Avon in Silver Crystals, Black sequins and midnight plum.
A Huge Nail Polish Declutter Pink and Purple Edition
A Huge Nail Polish Declutter Pink and Purple Edition
One nail polish that I have loved dearly this year is Rimmel's yellow it is beautiful. I will wear it and feel on top of the world! I have also enjoyed using this Academy of Colour polish it's a metallic silver with rose gold reflexes which looks nice too. The shades that are being decluttered in this section, I don't think I have used any more than once apart from the Avon nail experts mineral fix. But, I have noticed this starts to make my nails layers separate which is rather odd, so I think it could be gone off now which is why I'm decluttering that one.
A Huge Nail Polish Declutter Other Edition
Keeping: Barry M in Matt White, Academy of Colour Silver, Rimmel London in Chin Up Buttercup.

Decluttering: Academy of Colours polish x 2, Marks and Spencers in Golden Glaze, Barry M in Olive, Avon Mineral Fix.
A Huge Nail Polish Declutter Other Edition
This was definitely a much needed declutter. It is amazing how many polishes I haven't used more than twice yet kept for the sake of maybe using one day when in reality I won't!

Number of polishes before declutter: 39
Number of polishes after declutter: 17

What are your favourite nail polish brands and shades? Do you need to have a declutter of your collection? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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