Reviewing My Popular Posts from 2018

Every year I love looking back at the blogging year just gone and reviewing my popular blog posts. Taking a look at which ones got the most views and trying to see if there is a correlation between any or whether it's all to do with popular product reviews etc. So, here is to looking back on 2018's blog posts!
Benefit The Porefessional Primer
10) 5 Products I'm Loving At The Moment
I loved this post, everything about it, I enjoyed writing it and, of course, I adored the products I mentioned in it. From this post, I remember taking a close up shot of the embossed Becca writing on top of the foundation lid which I'm still so incredibly proud of, I'm sure it's on my Instagram page.

9) The New Way To Fill In Your Brows
When writing this post I decided to do it as a sort of how-to guide rather than a straight-up review for the first time ever on my blog. It's probably why the post stood out from the rest, as well as the fact that the brow product in conversation was a new unique release by Technic!

8) Disappointing Beauty Products #2
If I'm not getting on well with a product, don't you worry you'll be the first I turn to when I want a quick rant about a product! I, personally, love reading disappointing product reviews as it's interesting to hear why others aren't enjoying using a product that the majority adore, plus they can be pretty comical.

7) Merry Hill Shopping Haul
The rumours going around that hauls are a thing to be left in 2018, but I think not! Hauls are one of those go-to classic blog posts that everyone enjoys reading and I quite like writing them. Do expect a haul coming in the next few weeks from my yearly Merry Hill trip!

6) What's In My Travel Makeup Bag!
Are what's in my bag posts a thing of the past now as I haven't seen one in ages? The photography in this blog post was a turning point for me as I started playing about with different angles and the spilling out the bag technique which I definitely need to try more of.

5) Testing Avon Makeup, Does It Work?
Avon are one of those brands that I don't see many people talk about, they are affordable and some of their products are pretty good. I decided to put their products to the test and see if people should start investing in them or not.
Benefit Hoola Bronzer Pan
4) Project Pan: 18 To Finish In 2018 Introduction
I love project pans. Having the feeling of hitting pan or hitting a goal that is set throughout the project is amazing. Seeing the progress on products is great to look back on as well at the end of the project.

3) Hitting Up The Sales In Style
This post went live at the very beginning of the year and let me tell you I needed those gloves when we were doing this shoot because it was chilly! The last photo in this post is definitely one of my favourite photos that has ever been taken of me during our 'fashion' shoots.

2) Project Pan: 10 To Finish In 2017 Conclusion&What I Have Learnt!
After last years project pan, I learnt so much about them, what not to include, what to do and not do etc. Summing everything up in this post felt really good as I hopefully am able to help other project panners out there with their projects.

1) The Subscription Box For Girls - Betty Box Review!
I can see why everyone loved this post, as it's all about self-care and treating yourself during your time of the month. This subscription box includes everything you need to make those seven, ten, however many days of the month more bearable. Girls you need to check it out!

Those are the top 10 most popular posts on my blog from 2018. I actually didn't continue my project pan from this year as my collection began to get so small that I didn't have any products that I actually wanted to use up and get gone but this does show that project pans haven't died! How did 2018 go blogging wise for you, are you ready for this year? Hope you all had a great new year and all the best for this one. Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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