What I Got For My Birthday&Christmas 2018!

I loved writing this post last year, including everything in one post is ideal for me as my birthday is right around the corner from Christmas.
What I Got For My Birthday&Christmas 2018
The Body Shop Mango Gift Set
I got quite a few bits from The Body Shop, they are an easy bet as there's no doubt that I will love whatever someone gets for me from there. Alongside this mango set, I also got one of their Christmas body butters in the scent of Vanilla Marshmallows. They are great for pampering sessions and they leave you smelling lovely, their body products are the best!

The Body Shop Banana Truly Nourishing Hair Mask
My boyfriend and I were walking around the store and when he picked this up I was intrigued by it, especially as it smelt like bananas. I've only ever used cheap hair masks before so my hair is in for a right treat when I come around to using this. I do love the scent though!

David Deyong Sterling Silver Bubble Hoop Earrings
When it comes to jewellery and earrings I am so picky about what I want and when I saw these on the website I fell in love; they were exactly what I had been looking for! Silver is my go-to choice and the bubble design on these match perfectly with my bracelet and ring, so now I am all matching.
David Deyong Sterling Silver Bubble Hoop Earrings
Anne Marie Speak Your Mind CD
If you know me then you'll know my love for Anne Marie, from her personality to her voice and her songs everything about her I admire! Every car journey I have had now has included this CD blasting at a high volume with me screeching her songs out at the top of my lungs.

This birthday and Christmas I received a lot of drinking mugs, cups and everything in between including a camera lens coffee mug which looks incredibly realistic! Carrying on with the coffee theme, if you know me you'll know that I love a good Starbucks trip, I am obsessed! My boyfriend gifted me the Starbucks reusable travel coffee cup which is ideal for on the go drive-thru travels with the three new gift cards that I now have.

Instead of using a plastic bottle to drink water around the house, my sister gave me this Ted Baker rose gold tumbler as a fancy upgrade to my Evian bottle, it is very pretty to look at. But, for the times when I'm wanting an alcoholic beverage, I've got some Gordon's pink gin and, of course, a let the evening be-gin glass to drink from.

This year I didn't want any beauty/makeup items which is why this post is quite different from the previous years. However, I'd just like to thank everyone once again for all the goodies that I received, obviously, I can't mention everything in this post but it's just a roundup. I hope you had a brilliant Christmas...even if it was ages ago, and I hope your new year has started well. What's one thing that you got from Christmas that you loved? Thanks for reading.

Charlotte x
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