Coffee, Skincare and Snippet Reviews - Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! For Mother's Day, we actually pushed it back one week as we both had the Sunday free in our schedules; so we took a trip to a local cafe where we had coffee, talked cryptic crosswords, attempted the crosswords, failed and spoke about skincare and blogging.
Mother's Day Nivea Campaign
When I told my mum she could contribute to the blog post and write her thoughts on how the day went, what we did and what products we used etc, you should have seen her face, "what am I supposed to write", "are you going to tell me what to put" and "are you going to take photos of me in public". The first test was explaining how I had to take a photo of the coffee once it arrived, instead of her drinking it straight away, which came with a little sigh annoyance! But other than that, here are my mum's thoughts on how our Mother's Day outing went, featuring some must-have products from Nivea that we incorporated into our day.
Nivea Mango Hand Cream

My Mum's Take On The Day

What a lovely morning! My daughter suggested we spent the morning together so before we set off, I applied the sun mist as it was a warm sunny day and I didn't want my face to catch the sun. First off we strolled through the park and ended up at the coffee shop where I applied the hand cream and then the lip balm before we set off back home.

My thoughts of the sun mist* were that it felt nice on the skin and my daughter said it made my skin glow thanks to the clear mist, so that's a big advantage in anyone's book.

The hand cream* was very smooth, like velvet and it felt very luxurious. It absorbed well and the scent, which smelt like almond, was very pleasant.
Nivea Nourishing Hand Cream
Nivea Nourishing Hand Cream
The lip balm* had a slight mango scent and my lips felt soft and supple. It certainly kept my lips moist throughout the journey home and beyond. So a great morning coupled with my smashing daughter buying me a great coffee topped off with using these wonderful Nivea products which she has given me to keep.

So that is what we got up to on Mother's Day, thanks to my mum for coming along, being a model and writing her extract. What did you do, did you treat your mum to a pamper session, flowers or an outing? Thanks for reading,

Charlotte x

Disclosure (Products marked with a * were sent to me on behalf of the Mother's Day campaign, however, all opinions and views are my own.)