The Vodka Trail by AA Abbott | Book Tour Review

After reading the first book I was super excited to continue and read the second book in AA Abbott's trail series, which can also be read as a stand-alone book!
The Vodka Trail by AA Abbott | Book Tour Review
A tense crime thriller, packed with twists - and vodka!

Kat White ended up a penniless teenager marooned in London when her parents died in a foreign prison. She blames Marty Bridges, her father's business partner, for their deaths.

Now Kat wants to recover the family vodka business and stop Marty's gravy train. it when she's taken hostage by terrorists, Marty hols her life in his hands...

A compelling crime thriller, sizzling with suspense, seduction, tension and twists.

My Thoughts
Kat is a lady on a mission, she wants her father's vodka company back and knows exactly what to do and how she is going to get it back. Everything was going to plan, from the plane journey, getting the attention that we all know she so loves and arriving in the Bazakistan. However, the moment she set foot into that 'taxi' I knew something was going to go wrong, you could just tell, the eeriness captured in the writing was spot on. I could feel myself wanting to tell her to stop and get out!

I know the Kat is one of the main characters throughout the Trail series but I was a little disappointed that there weren't many chapters to do with Amy, as I had become so attached to her in the last book as she had such a big involvement. But saying that, I thoroughly enjoyed following Kat's journey as you just never know what is going on in her head, or what she is going to do next.

The Vodka Trail is a journey, I definitely don't want to go on, following Kat's trek to get her father's business back which shows her grit and determination despite everyone's efforts to stop her.

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This is actually the second book in the trial series that AA Abbott has produced. Be sure to check back on Twitter to find everyone else's thoughts on this book!
The Vodka Trail by AA Abbott | Book Tour Review
However, if you are interested in reading the first book then you can read my thoughts below:

So, what are your thoughts on The Vodka Trail? If you want to find out more then be sure to pick up the book for yourself as it is available on Amazon. Will you be going to pick this up now that you've read my review on it? Thanks for reading,

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Disclosure (This book was sent to me on behalf of the book tour, however, all opinions and views are my own.)