My Recent Depop Finds #2

I literally cannot stop myself from buying on Depop, I just find so many amazing deals on there that I can't not buy. So here I am with another episode of my recent Depop finds.
My Recent Depop Finds #2
Benefit They're Real Primer Mascara and Benefit They're Real Mascara - RRP £33.00, I Paid £19.00
This was too good of a deal to miss, I know I'll be saying that a lot but really, it was! The price of the they're real mascara alone is £22.00 so I've already paid less. I only really bought this for the tinted primer as I've been wanting to try it for the longest of times and I've loved using it by itself as a stand-alone tinted mascara, but then again together they look great too.

Pixi Bundle - RRP £68.00, I Paid £20.50
This included: Pixi Glow MistPixi Rose TonicPixi Polish and Peel and Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser
I have fallen in love with this brand and I just want to continue exploring and testing all their products. I needed another rose tonic as mine was running out and I was intrigued by the other products in this bundle, especially the mist as I hear people raving about it all the time. What a great deal this was!
Pixi Beauty Bundle
Peacocks Bardot Yellow Floral Playsuit - I Paid £6.00
I was instantly drawn to the yellow in this playsuit, followed by the pretty floral pattern. I'm going on holiday this year and I bought this for exactly that; a lot of the clothing pieces in this haul are with that in mind. This playsuit fits well and I like the frill detail.

Hollister Pink Playsuit and New Look Bardot Dress - I Paid £15
As soon as I saw Cristy selling these two pieces on her Depop I just had to buy them. The Hollister playsuit is the cutest, daintiest playsuit I have come across, it also has sparkly detail on which I can already tell is going to glimmer in the sunlight as soon as I go out in it. It can definitely be dressed down with some trainers or up with a pair of heels which I quite like.

I had visions of the New Look dress paired with a belt, to give it a bit of shape and this looks absolutely beautiful on. The colour is this stunning deep wine which I love.
Hollister Pink Playsuit
Quiz Striped Shirt Dress - I Paid £8.00
A year ago I would not have even been seen wearing a dress let alone a long shirt dress, but I cannot get enough of them. It looks so nice on with the belt it comes with to pull you in and add a bit of shape to your waist. I've already worn this out one already with some tights and black heeled boots.

Clothing Bundle - I Paid £24.00
To finish off the clothes shopping for my holiday I thought I'd pick up a few basics including a playsuit, a dress and a coord set. All three of these are super easy to style and throw on for a fashionable yet comfy outfit. They are super lightweight and airy which is what I need as the place we are going is going to be so hot!

Those are all of the items that I picked up from Depop over the past few months. Do you ever buy from the app? I'd definitely recommend it, just do your research beforehand. What is your favourite item that I picked up this time round? Thanks for reading,

Charlotte x
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