The Revenge Trail by AA Abbott | Book Tour Review

The final book in the Trail Series by AA Abbott did not disappoint! There were so many twists and turns around each chapter that I found it so hard to put it down, especially towards the end of the book where it really heated up.
The Revenge Trail by AA Abbott | Book Tour Review

Kat's craft vodka brand makes it big, but a crazed murderer's on her trail.

Glamorous blonde Kat White makes the best vodka in the world. At last, her craft vodka from Birmingham is going places, while the mother who abandoned her faces financial ruin.

So does vodka salesman Marty Bridges. Kat doesn't trust him, but she has to save his business or hers will go under too.

That's not her biggest problem. Crazed murderer Shaun Halloran wants to kill her, even if it means breaking out of jail to take his revenge.

Kat dreams of love, riches and success in her life - but shouldn't she just focus on staying alive?

With trists, tension, secrets and suspense - "The Revenge Trail" is a gripping crime thriller that will draw you into Kat's exciting world.

My Thoughts
I'm in this bubble where I just want to tell you everything that happens in the book but at the same time, I want it to be a surprise for you read and find out for yourselves; do you see my struggle! My love for the main character, Kat, has grown and grown throughout each book in this series and I cannot believe at the beginning I wasn't too fond of her but now I'm heavily invested in her and what her future entails. It is incredible what that lady goes through, especially towards the end of the book, it had me gripped. The final scenes in this book were very intense, the way AA Abbott has written the remaining chapters is amazing. You had me glued to the book as every page was filled with drama!

One of the best outcomes came from Marty giving Kat a chance, one that I never thought would ever come about, which is what led them to the relationship they now have with each other. Honestly, looking back now at the start, you would have never have guessed that these two hated each other. I am really happy that Kat has got what she deserved, especially now that she is getting married again...can you believe it? I have so many unanswered questions; Do Kat and Tim stay together forever? Is she able to have another baby after those horrific events? Does Marty ever bail on Starshine business or does it all work out well?

An incredibly gripping, compelling and intense final book in the Trail Series. One not to miss, especially if you've been following Kat on her journey from the very beginning!

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So, what are your thoughts on The Revenge Trail? If you want to find out more then be sure to pick up the book for yourself as it is available on Amazon. Will you be going to pick this up now that you've read my review on it?  Thanks for reading.

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