Products I Want To Use Up

Instead of doing a project pan this year I've decided to just concentrate on these products as and when I remember...and have this blog post as a reminder to myself to hopefully use these all up.
Products I Want To Use Up
Glossier Priming Moisturiser £18.00
I'm not entirely sure if this does a lot for my makeup. On its own, on a bare-faced day, it's more of an extra moisturising step to ensure my skin is hydrated, it doesn't do a lot else apart from that as to keeping my makeup on longer or acting as a tacky base.

Benefit Ooh La Lift £19.50
Although I used to use this on the daily, nowadays I always forget it in my routine. I know there isn't a lot left inside the tube as I am having to scrape around the sides to get the product out. But, it is just a case of remembering it before I go in with my foundation.
Benefit Ooh La Lift
Becca Aqua Glow Foundation £32.00
I want to finish this so that I can get the correct shade as it's such a gorgeous foundation. This one is quite dark and orange for me, considering I am normally the lightest shade in every foundation I clearly didn't do very well picking the shade. Saying that I do really love the light to medium coverage it gives me whilst leaving my skin looking radiant.

Pur 4 in 1 Volume Vixen Mascara £17.50
Since repurchasing the Benefit They're Real mascara this one has made its way to the back of the drawer. I don't think there is much left in it as at one point in time I used to use this non-stop. Hopefully, you'll see it in an empties post fairly soon.

Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder £26.00
I literally only want to finish this up so that I can purchase the full size. The packaging on this travel-sized mini is falling apart, you go to open it and you stick your finger in the plastic hole, it's not convenient. However, it is my favourite bronzer!
Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder
Maybelline Brow Tattoo Gel Tint £12.99
For a quick fix, this is great. If you want your brows to have a bit about them for a couple of days, no need to worry about packing a brow product with you, saving some time in the mornings, then this is perfect. But, I am a bit nervous as to when this is suddenly going to go bad so I need to start using it more regularly in case I put it on one day and my brows turn green.

NSPA Deep Hydrating Facial Oil
I have had this for the longest of times, but it's another case of never remembering to use it. When I do I notice such a difference in my skin, especially when I use it at night before I go to sleep in the morning my skin looks and feels incredible. It really hydrates and brightens your skin.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Mist
I haven't reached for this in a while as I've only just about been remembering to use moisturiser let alone anything else. I'm hoping that as the warmer months come along I will be using this a lot more to rehydrate my skin throughout the day.

Those are all of the products that I want to use up for one reason or another. Are you doing a project pan this year? Have you tried any of these before? Thanks for reading,

Charlotte x