Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Review

I used to talk about this palette so much on my blog that I literally had to stop myself, I was obsessed and wouldn't stop using it, which is why the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette deserves its own full review.
Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Review
The Claims:
  • The soft blush, bronzer and highlighter work well on all skin tones,
  • Buildable powers which blend effortlessly
  • Infused with the juicy scent and skin-loving essence of peach giving your face a radiant natural peach glow,
  • Airbrushed finish.
The palette is a small tin containing a mirror and 3 panned products with a metallic clasp to shut it tight. I adore the pinky peach ombre design with the gold detailing, it's girly, fun and it fits with the whole peach theme.
Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Review
The Product Inside:
Inside the palette, you are graced with a highlighter, blusher and a bronzing shade, with the middle blush pan being slighter larger than the other two. The highlighter, of course, is a peachy highlight with golden glowing glitter running throughout. It's warm-toned and looks lovely paired with the blusher. The blush is gorgeous, it looks rather matte when swatched but once on the skin it adds this luminous peachy sheen to your base. When blended it's a natural rosy swatch. As for the bronzer, now this is nothing like anything I've come across before, it is beautiful and quite possibly the best thing about this palette. It's slightly cool yet warm-toned at the same time, can be used to contour and bronze whilst giving you this incredibly natural, airbrushed glow to the bronzed skin. My favourite!
Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Review
Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Swatches
This palette retails for £34.00, although I did purchase this for a bit less on Depop, I would still highly recommend purchasing it. You get three amazing products in one, which look incredible on lighter skin tones; although saying that, I'm not too sure how the bronzer or blush would work on deeper skin tones. It's a super lightweight palette, easy to travel with and the peachy scent isn't strong at all, you cannot smell it on the skin. Saying all that, have you got your hands on this palette or are you about to now? Thanks for reading,

Charlotte x