Huge Nail Haul

I've been getting back into doing beauty treatments recently and I've been focusing a lot of my time on gel nails, which is why every product in this haul is nails related!
Huge Nail Haul - Part One
When I was looking for some nail art brushes I didn't want to spend too much money on them to start out with, so when I saw these I was impressed by the variety of brushes and the different sized dotters that you get. They come in a little plastic pouch to travel with and the grey colour looks so pretty and sophisticated. 

I purchased this for when I start nail stamping and I've only tested it out a couple of times so far and each time it seems to work perfectly. It's like applying peel off tipp-ex to the fingers, it's really easy to remove regardless as to whether you apply a thin or thick layer and it dries fairly quickly. 

For the price, I literally cannot complain or fault this cushion rest. It's an absolute bargain! It came pink, like the photo, but I cover it with tissue for hygiene reasons, other than that it's comfy, the length is good and it works a treat.

Another treatment I want to practise is hard gel extensions and to be able to do that I need nail forms to give a guide for the gel. I've used ten of these so far and for the price they are pretty good, I found that when I stuck them to each other they were glued on but on the skin it wouldn't stick as well and would flick off once or twice. But other than that, so far so good. 

I've actually been through a pack of these before and thought I'd order two more sets, as since then I've ordered some more shades. They are good quality, for the price, gel polish applies well onto them and the colours display beautifully. However, this time around they took forever to arrive, I'm talking over a month which is a little frustrating.
This is essential for cleansing the nail plate and removing gel polish. I've tried this brand before but not any of their nail products. It did arrive a little leaky but only the tiniest bit. Fairly good acetone for the price it does what it needs to but I do seem to go through this quite quickly.

I know quite a few other nail technicians who have these in their collection as they are great to start off with as they have so many different themes and designs to choose from. There are a couple of random plates that I won't ever use but it's still great value for money.

Cadrim Electric E-file Machine £18.99
E-files can get pretty expensive so I was intrigued to see this one was under £20 and had such good reviews. It comes with everything you'd ever need including sanding bands and the metal drill bits. It's fairly easy to use and you can easily alter and change the speed of the machine and the heads.
E-File Drill Bits
Born Pretty Nail Art Stamping Set £14.99
This is a great little starter set as you get two stamping plates which are gorgeous, I'm in love with the heart ones, and then also a jelly stamper, a scraper and two stamping polishes. The stamper is fairly bouncy and flexible, I haven't had any issues with it so far and the two polishes are essentials.

Born Pretty Stamping Polish Candy Colours £13.99
Born Pretty are known for their iconic stamping polishes. When I saw these shades I couldn't get over how pretty they were, they are going to look so nice on top of all my The Gel Bottle Inc colours.
Born Pretty Stamping Plate
Born Pretty Stamping Polishes and Stamper
I am honestly super excited to get use out of all of these products and continue testing them out. Since writing the bulk of this post I have tried the majority of this stuff out and I can't fault any of it! Are you into nail art? Have you got any recommendations for me to try? Thanks for reading,

Charlotte x
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