New In From Nivea

Nivea has recently come out with a few new body care products which I have been using over the past few weeks and have been thoroughly enjoying.
New In From Nivea
Nivea Deep Cleansing Shower Clay Fresh in Ginger and Basil* £2.39
When this arrived in the mail the package smelt absolutely incredible and it was because of this shower wash. It has a beautifully luxurious spa-like scent which makes it feel much more expensive than it actually is. I like to use quite a lot of this in one sitting, lather it up and it leaves your skin feeling really clean.

Nivea Body Moisturising Mousse in Fresh Cucumber and Matcha Tea* £3.99
I was very intrigued by this as I've tried a few foaming mousse shower gels before but not in a moisturiser form. This formula is really lightweight and it instantly absorbs into the skin leaving you with no residue or greasiness and the fragrance is super light as well, not overpowering but very fresh.
Nivea Body Moisturising Mousse in Fresh Cucumber and Matcha Tea
Nivea Dry Fresh Anti-Perspirant Deodorant* £3.99
In the past, I've not always gotten on well with Nivea deodorants as they have always left me with a white dusty cast no matter how much I shake the can beforehand. However, I haven't had that issue with this one. I used this whilst away in Lanzarote and it did such a good job considering how hot and sweaty it was out there!

Those are just a few of the latest in products from Nivea, I really want to smell the other scents they have in the shower clay range. Have you tried any of these products since they launched or are you going to purchase them now? Thanks for reading,

Charlotte x
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