Milk Makeup Meet The Fam Set

Milk Makeup came out with this Meet The Fam set in the run-up to Christmas and I must say I was really impressed with the products that came in this set that I purchased it all for myself!
Milk Makeup Meet The Fam

Milk Makeup Meet The Fam
What's Included In The Set:

Value For Money?
This set retails for £39.00 and at first, I thought that was a little expensive for the size of the products that you receive until I realised that quite a lot of the products are the size of their minis that they sell! I've done a few calculations and worked out how much the contents of this set would cost you if you purchased them individually.

The Hydro Grip Primer is a mini which retails for £13.00.
Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer
The Glimmer Oil is a mini which retails at £12.00.

You can only purchase the bronzer and the highlighter full size, however, the highlighter has the same product weight as the other mini sizes whereas the bronzer actually contains more product than the minis.

The Kush Mascara is 1ml short of what the mini is. The mini retails for £10.25 and contains 4ml of product.
Milk Makeup Kush Mascara
The Watermelon Brightening Serum is a mini which retails at £12.00.

The Cooling Water contains 0.6g more than the mini which again retails at £12.00.

So overall, where the calculation of the bronzer and highlighter is at £12.00 mini price, the overall cost of the contents is around £83.25, without calculating the additional product in the bronzer and the 1ml less in the mascara.

Perks Of The Set?
This set is ideal for those wanting to try different products from Milk Makeup, as there is a great variety of products on offer including some of their best selling skincare and makeup pieces. Not only that, but their cream and stick products will last you such a long time due to the amount of product in them, there is no way you'll be running out of them anytime soon.
Milk Makeup Meet The Fam
I personally love this set, it's amazing value for money and great for testing out their products. I was most excited about trying their primer, watermelon serum and their glimmer oil and so far I have found myself loving the mascara it makes my lashes look amazing!

So, will you be picking this set up for yourself or for someone else this Christmas? I would highly recommend it! Thanks for reading,

Charlotte x
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