Polishes That Are Perfect For Valentine's Day

Since Valentine's Day is approaching, I thought I'd run through my favourite and most used The Gel Bottle polishes for this time of year so that you are able to order them in time!
Polishes That Are Perfect For Valentine's Day
Polishes That Are Perfect For Valentine's Day
TGB June
June is one of my more recent purchases as I was looking to add in some more pastel-esq pinks to my collection. However, it has been surprisingly more popular than I first imagined due to its pretty baby pink like colour.

TGB March
This is possibly one of the only polishes I haven't yet used on myself or a client, I've only painted it onto a swatch stick and I can already tell it's going to be a hit. In comparison with June (going L-R in the image), March is a bolder more vibrant shade of pink which screams Valentine's Day!

I got this when they had an offer on for if you spent a certain amount and you'd get #BABE for free and I couldn't resist! #BABE is a gorgeous mixed chunky glitter that has this rose gold pink look to it with a pinky silver reflex. It is basically a chunky version of their Pink Rose shade.
Polishes That Are Perfect For Valentine's Day
I've had this in my collection for the longest time and it's actually one of the first glitters I picked up from them. It's a beautiful mixed chunky glitter that's this pretty pink with a pink and purple reflex to it which pairs so well with other colours such as June above and Ophelia below.

TGB Ophelia
This is a classic TGB shade which I think everyone should have in their collection, as it is incredibly popular all year round. It's a go-to staple colour which pairs well with absolutely everything or looks great on its own. I don't really know how to describe this colour as it's a mauvey purpley nude which has a hint of pink to it. Nonetheless, it's a staple!

TGB Diva
Diva is one of those that is popular at Christmas time and Valentine's Day due to its red colouring. It's a sheeny polish that looks so lovely paired with shades of gold. I have quite a few reds in my collection but this one seems to be the most popular out of them all at this time of year.
Polishes That Are Perfect For Valentine's Day
Those are all of the popular and pretty TGB shades used around Valentine's Day. A few others to keep your eye on would be Oriental Lily and Pink Rose! For photos of these colours on client's nails be sure to head on over to my Instagram page.

What colour will you be going for around this time of the year, a pretty pink or red like those above? For further nail polish photos feel free to follow my Instagram linked below. Thanks for reading,

Charlotte x
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