H&M Home Wishlist

Recently, I have been loving looking at the homeware section on H&M's website. I didn't realise how extensive their home range is and I have found lots of items which I would love to own!
H&M Home Wishlist
I've never really been a fan of gold hardware, I've always been more of a silver jewellery wearer, but oh my gosh there are so many gold items that they do which I adore! 

Large Rattan-Framed Mirror  £24.99
It was my mum who originally found this mirror on their website and I've suddenly become obsessed with it! They do a large and a small-sized one which has a hand-made rattan frame. Rattan is really on-trend at the moment and I am here for it! 

Large Wire Basket £34.99 
There are so many places you could put this basket and get great use out of it. Whether you'd use it as a storage basket for storing toilet rolls, towels or blankets and throws. The fact that it is large and has handles means it's easily transportable as well. 

Plant Pot on a Pedestal £19.99
I really liked the colour contrast of the black legs of the pot with the ceramic creamy white pot. I love when these types of plant pots are paired with a part hanging plant off one side.

Metal Plant Pot £12.99 
Although this plant pot is completely different from the last, I love this pot. The shiny gold colour looks amazing with the hammered metal look that is all over, plus it would pair nicely with the rest of the gold decor in this post.

Candle Tray £12.99 
I can already picture this in our hallway, I say hallway I don't have one but in our future hallway, holding a couple of candles. This candle tray is actually mirrored on the inside which will bounce up any light in the area.

Porcelain Soap Dish £2.99 
Although this is branded as a soap dish I think you could definitely get away with using it as a little trinket dish on your dressing table. I love that it's round and has the gold detailing in the centre. I also thought the price of this was very reasonable!

Sitting Figure Poster £8.99 and Reclining Figure Poster £12.99
Both of these posters have the same type of theme going for them. They would be great framed in the bathroom, plus the light beige tones would pair nicely with any colour pattern.

Metal Photo Frame £8.99 
I love the simplicity of this photo frame, they also have them in silver too. It's a clear glassed frame with a sliding latch and stand at the back. It's not often you find metal frames anymore which is what drew me to it in the first place.

Round Leather Strap Mirror £49.99 
The most expensive item in this wishlist is this lovely large mirror. It's a beautiful round mirror which has a black leather strap frame around the outside, which at first glance you don't really notice. It's only when you look at it on an angle you notice silver buckles on the strap. I just love it!

Those are all of the items which are currently on my H&M home wishlist. Have you been on their website recently and noticed any items that you love? What product is your favourite that I've picked out? Thanks for reading,

Charlotte x
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Disclosure (All images shown in this post have been taken from the H&M website. This is not sponsored.)