Nail Related Amazon Haul

I recently picked up a fair few items from Amazon which are all related to nails. I've used a few of the items already and have loved using them, so I had to share everything I purchased with you!
Nail Related Amazon Haul
Command Strips Value Pack £7.99
This is quite possibly the only item where you are likely to be questioning how this is nail related! Well, I purchased these so that I was able to frame my beauty certificates and put them up on the wall. They are really easy to use and so far they are holding the frames up well.

2.5 Litres Pure Acetone £10.99
I'm running a little low on acetone at the moment so I thought I'd stock up on a bigger tub. I've topped up one of my little bottles but have not got around to using it yet. Acetone is acetone at the end of the day, I haven't found any that are different or drastically bad so I opted for this one as it was great value for money.

10 Pack Curved Nail Files £1.82
I always need a pack of basic nail files for when I'm removing gel. I go through these so quickly but I find that these are the best files to use for the job and they are really inexpensive considering how many you get in the pack. They do take around a month to arrive but I always get these in advance in time for when actually need to use them.

MoYou Stamping XL Stamper £6.99
When I bought this I was kind of expecting this to be a lot bigger than it is considering it is called an XL stamper. It's almost identical to my inexpensive Born Pretty one. I'll have to keep you updated on this one as to whether they are any different.
MoYou Stamping XL Stamper
MoYou 3 Pack Stamping Polishes £14.40
The main reason I picked this up was for the while polish, plus the thought of a silver stamping polish in my collection was helping me along the way! The silver is quite a thin consistency but it looks really nice on the nails. I haven't used the other two colours yet as they are backups.

PetHot Nail Dust Extractor £23.99
Now this, this is definitely my favourite thing from this haul and addition to my collection. This collects dust incredibly well, it has a little comfort pad for your clients too. I find that this one isn't too loud or distracting either so you can continue with your conversation as normal. The bags for collecting the dust are quite big so we'll see how long it takes to fill one up. But so far, I am loving this!
PetHot Nail Dust Extractor
PetHot Nail Dust Extractor
Those are all of the nail related products I recently purchased on Amazon. Have you tried any of these before, or what was your latest Amazon purchase? Thanks for reading,

Charlotte x
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