10 Things On My To-Do List During Isolation

During this unsettling time for the world, I have created a current to-do list to keep myself occupied and entertained whilst I am in isolation. I hope everyone is keeping themselves and their minds busy and that you are safe and well!
10 Things On My To-Do List During Isolation
1 - Clean and wash my makeup brushes
I have been putting this off for quite a few weeks now and since I'm staying inside at home I haven't really been wearing any makeup. Then, once this has all blown over I'll be greeted with beautifully clean brushes, hopefully!
Washing Real Techniques Makeup Brushes
2 - Sanitise and wipe down all of my makeup and skincare products
I try to do this every couple of months because the packaging of all of the products gets so filthy, especially powder products and foundations.

3 - Make every Sunday a pamper day
Sundays are typically deemed as the chill day and dedicating one day a week to have a full-on pamper session will make yourself feel great!
10 Things On My To-Do List During Isolation
4 - Catch up on all of the youtube videos in my subscriptions box
I have fallen so behind lately with all of my youtube subs and their videos. This is the perfect time to catch up on all of them and reduce the backlog ready for the new videos which people will be uploading.

5 - Have a huge declutter and clear out 
Decluttering is one of my favourite things to do as I know everything I own I truly love. I have just gone through my desk drawers and it turns out I've not got a whole spare drawer free for things to go into! I do need to go through my wardrobe to tidy things up though.

6 - Rearrange my bookshelf
Where I store all of my books is quite a small little shelf and where I've been buying more books I've just been piling them on top of each other. I really need to organise it whether that be in alphabetical order or by colour.
Rearrange my book shelf
7 - Read the books on my to be read (TBR) shelf
With all of this added time being spent at home it gives the perfect time to swap the usual travel time into work for a few chapters of a book. The books on my TBR shelf are continually growing and I really should start working through them.

8 - Practise my nail art skills
During this time I have bee able to save some photos of other nail technicians work which I want to practice and get better at to develop my skills. There are hundreds of designs I want to perfect!
Practising Nail Art
9 - Plan and draft blog posts, and comment on other's blog posts
I have spent the first week of isolation trying to plan and draft blog posts for the upcoming months and hopefully, I will have a few posts ready in advance whilst supporting and getting inspiration from other bloggers.

10 - Plan set days for bulk taking blog photos
It is worth making the most out of the sunnier days by taking photos to pair with your blog posts which you are planning. Taking and editing the photos in bulk is a day well spent!

Those are all of the tasks which are on my current to-do list during isolation. What jobs are on your to-do list during this time? Stay safe all. Thanks for reading,

Charlotte x
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