Payback By Claire MacLeary | Book Tour Review

Payback is Claire MacLeary latest book which is soon to hit the shelves at the end of April! To ensure you are ready for the publication day I have given you my thoughts on this thrilling book!
Payback By Claire MacLeary | Book Tour Review
When police are called to a murder scene at the home of Aberdeen socialite Annabel Imray, they find themselves under pressure to get a conviction and fast. Meanwhile, local Pls Wilma Harcus and Maggie Laird are at rock bottom, desperate for income. As Maggie contemplates replacing Wilma and an unpaid intern, an eccentric widow appoints them to search for her lost cat - and Wilma goes off-piste to negotiate a loan, with terrifying terms. As the fear caused by a series of sinister break-ins escalates, Maggie blames the aggressive language in public discourse for inciting violent crime. But before long, she finds she is in the danger zone herself.

Will Wilma manage to save her?

My Thoughts
I've not actually read a book in a digital format before, I've always been a paperback kind of person but it was great to experience something different and this book did not disappoint after reading the synopsis all that time ago.

At the beginning of the book you get introduced to a handful of the main characters and you get to know them and their life stories very quickly as they are all connected in one way or another. The relationship between Wilma and Maggie I quite liked as even though they squabbled constantly they worked really well as a team. Val on the other end I didn't like as she was the pushy 'I know best' character, I'm glad Maggie didn't listen to her later on down the line. 

The storyline got very interesting incredibly quickly with the death of Annabel Imray and the different detectives all working separately to solve the crime. But, with Maggie and Wilma desperate for work they would literally take any small crime from helping those who had reporting a missing tabby cat and the theft of a pen, whilst the main crime was being investigated by another company. What I didn't realise at the time was that that cat was a main piece to the overall puzzle!

Some of my favourite parts from this book were the investigatory scenes. The ones where everyone was giving their two cents on Annabel's case and how they were going to solve it and how they were interviewing set subjects, As a reader I could never work out who killed Annabel it was a mystery to me, but once everything started to unravel it clicked and I couldn't get over how well it was written! 

The whole story was gripping and you learnt a lot about Maggie and her life as although the book was about the investigations and solving them you also got to learn how Maggie got in the position she was in. You go through her thoughts and decisions in wanting to sell the house, her life at home and the struggles in her work, but she stays true to herself throughout which I truly enjoyed; she was a great character!

The book moved fast and had a quick tempo to it which made it a real page-turner as you didn't know what was going to play out next. The short chapters helped this and made you want to continue reading on straight to the end, whilst the headings were done cleverly. I also liked how although this book was based in Scotland and although it contained Scottish twang it wasn't overwhelming, there was just the right amount of accent to be able to understand their conversations, which was nice. 

Meet The Author
Claire MacLeary lived for many years in Aberdeen and St Andrews, but describes herself as "a feisty Glaswegian with a full life to draw on". Following a career in business, she gained an MLitt with Distinction from the University of Dundee and her short stories have been published in various magazines and anthologies. She has appeared at Granite Noir, Noir at the Bar and other literary events. Claire's debut novel, Cross Purpose, was longlisted for the prestigious Mcllvanny Prize, Scottish Crime Book of the Year Award 2017, and Burnout was longlisted for the Hearst Big Big Award 2018. Runaway is her third novel and continues the Harcus&Laird series.
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Payback By Claire MacLeary | Book Tour Review
So, what are your thoughts on Payback? If you want to find out more then be sure to pre-order the book for yourself as it is available from Amazon and will be published on 23 April 2020. Will you be going to pick this up now that you've read my review on it?  Thanks for reading.

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Disclosure (The digital version of this book was sent to me on behalf of the book tour, however, all opinions and views are my own.)