New In from LQ / Collagen Skin Hair Nails Powder

LQ has recently launched two new products, including their collagen max liquid supplements and their collagen skin hair nails powder which I have been testing out over the past four or so weeks.
LQ Collagen Skin Hair Nails Powder
LQ Collagen Skin Hair Nails Powder
Back in 2019, I was using their liquid supplements 
(review) and this year I have been able to try out their powder product too! The LQ Collagen Skin Hair Nails Powder* is the powder version of the liquid supplements giving you an alternative choice as to how you consume your collagen and it retails for £34.99.

The powder contains 10,000mg of marine collagen per serving alongside other vitamins and minerals including vitamin C and biotin which are great for your everyday consumption. It also contains hyaluronic acid which is something we normally look for and find in our skincare products! Plus, it is gluten, lactose and dairy-free.
LQ Collagen Skin Hair Nails Powder
In the last four weeks, I have been testing out and trialling different ways that you can include this powder into your daily routine. It is advertised that you to add a scoop full (15g) of powder into 150ml of cold water, just like your normal squash drink, and then stir until it has all dissolved. This worked really well for me, I really liked the taste of the passionfruit flavoured powder mixed with the water - it gave me a diluted fruity flavoured water. If you remember from me using the liquid supplements, you'll know how I wasn't too keen on the strong taste but having the powder with water really helped in making it easy for me to have my daily dose! 

Another way I used this powder was by including it into a smoothie. My typical go-to smoothie was apple juice, the powder, frozen berries and a banana mixed all together. The powder gave a sharp angle to the smoothie which was nice as it wasn't too overpowering or strong but you could still taste the sharpness from the passionfruit flavouring.
LQ Collagen Skin Hair Nails Powder
Mixing up the different ways of using the powder made it super easy every day to consume the correct amount of collagen! The one thing I have picked up on slightly, since using the powder daily, is that where I had damage to one of my nail plates it has started to slowly regain its strength. I think the powder has been a contributing factor to this. I will continue to use this in my daily routine and hopefully, I'll be able to update you again at a later point as to how my skin, hair and nails are looking and feeling. 

Have you tried anything from LQ's range before? Are you interested in testing out either their liquid supplements or their powder product? Thanks for reading,

Charlotte x
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