Youtubers and Streamers To Add to Your Watch List

I am always watching youtube videos and if I'm not, then I'll be watching someone's stream! Here are my recommendations to add to your watch list, from nail techs to beauty and lifestyle YouTubers, advice-givers and Fortnite streamers. I've got a complete mix for you!
Youtubers and Streamers To Add to Your Watch List
Talia's Nail Tales
She is the queen of all things nails; whether that be home salon organisation videos, new collection launches or watch me works, Talia nails it..! Over Christmas Talia produced a video a day which was definitely an achievement and great for use viewers who love her work.
Talia's Nail Tales Youtube Videos
Isabel May Nails
To another amazing nail technician! Isabel was filming and producing her own series where she visits other nail techs and their salons and those working in the nail industry, hopefully, she'll be able to continue the series soon as it was great to watch. I also love her home nail salon vlogs and Amazon hauls.
Isabel May Nails Youtube Videos
Peach Manifesto Jessie
I originally stumbled upon Jessie's channel when I was searching for Aliexpress nail art hauls and I very quickly became obsessed with her short yet interesting hauls! She is always producing hauls alongside some of my favourite empties videos and quick nail art tutorials.
Peach Manifesto Jessie Youtube Videos
Shannon is known for all of her makeup tutorials and full faces of first impressions. I personally love those but specifically, her makeup hauls and declutters are some of my favourites to watch as they are so satisfying. If you know, you know!
Shaaanxo Youtube Videos
Kathleen Lights
When I think of Kathleen I think of the old school type of youtube. She does content she loves and rarely hops on the trends bandwagon. My favourite videos of hers are her boxycharm unboxing try on's and tours of her beauty room now that she has redecorated it!
Kathleen Lights Youtube Videos
Gabriella is such a lovely Youtuber and she produces fantastic, easy watching videos. She has recently been renovating her flat and I've been fully involved and invested in it all. (Yes, I did answer her poll and choose my favourite flooring on her Insta!) I very rarely miss a video of hers!
Gabriella Youtube Videos
Elle Darby
Elle is an absolute angel and an inspiration. Elle produces vlogs, challenge videos, Q&As and fashion hauls on her channel with her partner Connor and her sister Katie. Their bonds are beautiful and of course, I've got some Angelle collection pieces which are so comfy!
Elle Darby Youtube Videos
Hazel Maria Wood
Hazel is a newer subscription of mine after finding her finance videos incredibly informative. Her catch-ups and advice videos are always incredibly interesting to listen to and watch, as well as her 'what's new in...' videos.
Hazel Maria Wood Youtube Videos
Bethany Clews
Bethany is such a relatable, honest and down to earth girl, which is why I love watching her videos. From her hauls to empties, vlogs and to her redecorating her room, all of her videos are enjoyable and I always feel happy after watching them.
Bethany Clews Youtube Videos
Nick Eh 30 
I've been watching Nick for the longest time, he's such a cringey guy but that's what we all know and love him for! Nick is a family-friendly streamer who is known for his quick edits plays. He streams on Twitch but uploads compilation clips into a video for his youtube channel.
Nick Eh 30 Youtube Videos
If you like watching Fortnite streams and you love competitive games then Pun will be your go-to for all Fortnite competitions. From the daily cash cup to FNCS, he's incredibly good at the game and all of the games he plays in are intense to watch, it's great fun! He has also started getting back into youtube where is uploading highlights videos and high kill games.
Punisher Twitch Stream
So, those are all of the YouTubers and streamers that I recommend you add to your watch list from now on. Like I said at the beginning, there are a whole variety of content creators here all with different themes, topics and channels. Who are your favourites to watch, and do you watch any of these amazing people? Thanks for reading,

Charlotte x
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