MUA Pro Base Facial Oil Stick Review

MUA are a brand that has so many great products at affordable prices and this facial oil stick is one that I've been testing out for the past few months and I've really been enjoying it.
MUA Pro Base Facial Oil Stick Review
The Claims:
  • MUA products are cruelty-free and vegan,
  • It's a solid facial oil stick,
  • Your complexion will be soft and smooth,
  • It's perfect for adding instant hydration to the skin,
  • For best results use your fingers.
MUA Pro Base Facial Oil Stick Review
The packaging is very similar to how Milk Makeup packages their stick products, with a clear lid and white exterior. I don't own many stick products but I think this one is quite chunky, however, it does just about fit in my clear acrylic storage which is a bonus. As for the functionality, it has an easy twist-up function that allows you to access more of the product, which you get 27g of!
MUA Pro Base Facial Oil Stick Review
The Product Inside+How It Performs:
Inside you are greeted by a clear balmy wax-like product that has a slight scent to it, but only very slight! Applying it onto the face is really easy to do as it glides on. I go ahead and massage the oil in with my fingers once I've applied it it absorbs into the skin well. Using your fingers and a rubbing motion warms the oil, and your face up making it feel soft and supple. It doesn't leave you feeling oily or sticky and if you are using this as part of your skincare routine applying moisturiser over the top of this is like usual and it doesn't affect anything whatsoever, it just gives a tiny boost of hydration and softness!

When using this as a primer for your makeup I find it adds a nice layer of hydration into the skin before you go ahead and apply your foundation. If you go in with a stick foundation after it applies incredibly easily and it glides across your cheeks with ease! The blending of the foundation is just like normal and the finish looks lovely and dewy which I quite like. My makeup lasts the full duration of the day using this underneath on my cheeks and forehead which makes this product a great multipurpose item for both makeup and in your skincare routine.
MUA Pro Base Facial Oil Stick Review
This facial oil stick retails for just £5.00 and it is regularly on offer for half price which is incredible! It doesn't have the best of ingredients, which I think is a given, but I do recommend this as a primer underneath your makeup, especially if you are someone who is new to makeup and wants to try different types of products out! So, what are your thoughts on this product? Have you got this in your collection or are you adding it into your basket right now to try? Thanks for reading,

Charlotte x